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NB: Warning: Please note that some of the photo's, illustrations and pictures are very graphic and may disturb sensitive viewers! Veterinary Clinic in Proes str, Pretoria Central (they also do house calls), Tertius, Jaco or Petro, Tel: 012 324 0665.
Chemicals and household items that can be used to disinfect cages, equipment, handling areas etc. This is the newest on the marked and is tested by Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute, SABS and Irene experimental station. Like Virukill, Virkon S is also used as a disinfectant after houses are properly cleaned and before chicks are placed.
Several rabbit breeders over the last couple of weeks have contacted us regarding kits that have been born dead at birth, and sometimes the does die shortly afterwards. Feeding of plant material that may have an influence on the womb of the doe (poisonous plant material, i.e. The dying of does may be to the possibility of the fetuses dying prior her giving birth, and decomposing in her womb so to speak and that she was unable to give birth to them when they died in her womb, and infection set in, and that this may be the main reason for doe fatalities.
But there are now theories being raised that we need maybe to look at the protein content the doe is getting, especially during the first 3 weeks of fetus development. It is therefore vital to understand, that if you feed Lucerne as a hay-feed, or any other high protein plant material, you are increasing the protein content your doe is consuming overall, that may put her and the developing fetuses at risk. Some rabbits stay indoors all their life and eat only whats presented to them, like any other animal, they will need to get additional vitamins. I (Hamariti) am using Poultry "Stresspack" now in my rabbitry with success so far, it contains a lot of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. Revolution (3 drops behind the head, not to be taken orally, obtainable from Vets or Onderstepoort) repeat treatment if condition persists after 2 week intervals.
Bayer & Bayer product, Baytril 10%, S4, Enrofloxacin, oral solution for chickens (can be used for rabbits as well, with very good results). A type of "paralysis could be due to to the protozoan parasite called Encephalitozoon cuniculi. Hematological studies show a reduced hemoglobin and RBC count, accompanied by a significant increase of PCV and total WBC.
Robenidine hydrochloride is well tolerated by rabbits, but its regular preventive use over the last 20 years has raised resistance of e.g. Sulfonamide and trimethoprim antibiotics have proven efficacious in the treatment of coccidiosis. Branches and leaves rich in tannin (willow, hazelnut, oak, ash, fruit trees, eventually pines) are excellent in preventing coccidiosis.
Treat with Cosumix (R) Plus, normally runny tummy is a first sign of a possible coccidiosis. Do you give a lot of fresh vegitation, try give your rabbits some rough feed together with the fresh vegitation like hay (Eragrostis, Teff, straw (Not lucern)).
Feed hay (Eragrostis, Teff, straw (Not lucern)) in the mornings and Commercial pellets and lucerne at night. Is your water quality ok, maybe it is worth while to test your water or make sure that you disinfect bowls frequently or convert to an automated water nipple system. Use against Coccidiosis  – it is a bacterial disease in the gut, chicks will have blood in the droppings.
Doerte from SacreBleu Rabbitry has the following remedy for bloat and runny tummies: "I give between 3 and 10 drops, depending on size of the rabbit. Rex rabbits need something simmilar than a carpet as a resting pad, as their feet are very soft and bruse easily. Cut fruit tree branches and give it to your rabbits to chew on, then they will be likely also to leave the resting pad alone. One member advised to use  Petcam (Meloxicam) painkillers as well, otherwise your bunny will not eat due to the pain. Nasturtiums (Kappertjies), a remedy obtained from Gatabi Rabbitry, they contain natural antibiotic, antifungal and antiseptic qualities, as well as contain Vit C, she has fed the flowers and the leaves. Blackjack grows in the wild in most countries such as China, Spain, South Africa, Africa, Peru, US, Australia, Brazil, Taiwan, India, Quechua, Bolivia, Mexico, the Caribbean and Dominica and Martinique. It is normally harvested 4-6 weeks after sprouting from seeds, the young shoots are used as a leaf vegetable by humans, but can also be given to your rabbits as it has been reported to possess antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Humans use powdered leaves in treating ailments such as arhritis, abdominal trouble, headache,diarrhoea etc. Did you guys know that there are, like, a million of these damn dolls now? I felt like I did the day I first went wedding dress shopping.
Me: You know Annie, I really loved the stories of the American Girls when I was a little girl. On the drive home, I really stressed to Annabel what a nice, expensive doll she had just been given, and she needed to treat her carefully. I’ve also spent a lot of the last 48 hours styling doll hair, at the request of Annabel. I was skyping with my brother and his youngest daughter (age 5) strolled in with a doll in hand.
Whatever happened with the stuffed Rigby clone that was showing up in odd places to freak you out? After years of begging (and raising half the money), I got a Samantha doll when I was probably 8. I had 3 of them back in the early days and I am sort of overwhelmed by how MUCH there is now!

I was pretty resistant at first, but my daughter has acquired a few American Girls and she LOVES them. My coworker, who has a five-year-old, brought in the most recent American Doll catalogue expressly because she and I are around the same age and she KNEW I would have a very visceral reaction to the fact that there are now 8000 dolls and none of them are the ones I remember. If you are into craft fairs and stuff, I should tell you that, at least back in the day, they were a treasure trove of American Girl goodies. Oh yes, we got the hair lecture at the store so we now also own an American Girl brand doll brush. Nah, you’re not old if you were young enough to be able to get any AG dolls when you were a kid. The AG accessories are definitely going to be the family go-to present for the next few years!
My daughter got her first American Girl doll when she was 5 from her grandmother and I rolled my eyes. My daughter got hers at age 9, the first year they came out (when they cost about $80) She had Molly because they both wore glasses.
Walmart has a line of 18 inch dolls as well and they have great shoes, skates and boots that fit AG dolls for just $2 a pair! A reported tweet by south sudan’s regime leader, salva kiir, raised expectations that travel from across the eastern african region into south freely cross the borders without visa requirements.
South africa travel to turkey next month where he is expected to meet president recep tayyip erdogan and prime minister ahmet davutoglu dec 31 2015 – capital cities around the world on high alert over new year celebrations threats, emirates news.
At the annual tourism indaba conference in durban this morning, south african airways (saa) awarded top travel agents who have made a significant contribution to the airline’s revenue growth and south africa’s tourism industry in general..
South africa, new zealand, singapore, mainland china, hong kong, india, ireland and the united arab emirates.
Visit the south african department of home affairs website which provides detailed information on south africa’s visa requirements.
South africa has so many exciting places to visit, and memorable experiences waiting to be lived. There are many different travel agents in south africa, a travel agent specializes in the indian ocean islands, north america, south africa, south. South africa will start to implement the association of southern african travel agents asata’s membership base is directly related to the outbound travel.
SO WITH ALL THIS IN MIND, it’s really hurtful when someone complains about our prices. I  (Hamariti Rabbit Farm) have used a lot of poultry type medication and other related chemicals with success in our rabbitry. Safe to use in your kitchen as well, just be careful of marble and other natural stone surfaces, vinegar might react on the surface and leave marks.
The dead kits are normally having a sack-like, soft, dark pink to black and bloodied appearance, and usually all the kits are stillborn.  Here are some pictures donated by a rabbit breeder. There are strong suggestions made that if the protein content of the food exceeds 16%, the fetus grows too quickly and does not develop correctly on some critical stages during pregnancy. Tanja Calitz suggested that you increase the protein content to 18% in the last week of pregnancy in order to assist the doe with milk production. Clinical signs are reduced appetite, depression, abdominal pain and pale watery mucous membranes, but they can be absent in older rabbits. Serum analysis show decreased levels of sodium and chloride, and increased levels of potassium. Before a rabbit is given a twig to chew, it is important to check that it’s picked from a tree that is not toxic to rabbits.
Use at 5 milliliter on 8 liter water for a 3 day period; stop for 3 days then treat for another 3 days. She seemed to take it seriously, and thus far (you know, in the last 48 hours) the doll has gone everywhere with her.
But I definitely want to get Annie the Molly, Samantha, and Kirsten books because I loooooved those when I was a kid. Also hit up the farmers markets and craft shows where you can find locally made custom stuff. At the time she brought the catalogue in, you could still order Molly, but with the warning that she was about to be retired. Most of my American Girl clothes came from craft shows my mom went to, because they were so much cheaper.
I was very into dolls but baby dolls so when I saw these at my distant cousins, I was unimpressed.
I have not bought any of the accessories from them or clothes too much money but I did find that Walmart has a great inexpensive selection of doll accessories for theirversion of AGD that fit all 18″ dolls. I got her when I was a little old for it but I wanted one so much and felt really really lucky because I knew how expensive she was for my mom.
Use to disinfect houses prior to placing chicks (So I assume it can also work for rabbits).
Then in drinking water at 5 gram per 10 litre water, or bulk at 100 gram per 200-liter water, continuous use.   100 gram = 100 millilitre. They are highly host, organ and tissue specific and rarely present a zoonotic danger for human beings. Even if the treatment is successful, mortality and diarrhea will continue during the next few days. So when my in-laws offered to buy Annie a doll on her fourth birthday, Mike and I declined, thinking her reaction would be similar to her cousin’s.

Under the stare of a thousand eighteen-inch dolls I basically shut down and wanted to lay on the tiny American Girl couch in the tiny library surrounded by the tiny books.
It will be a million times easier for me to stomach her losing a pair of doll shoes from Target (because it’s gonna happen).
We live in Madison, WI where the headquarters of American Girl started before it was sold to Mattel.
However, we got an American girl catalog in the mail the other day (by accident -the family that lived in our house before us had two young girls), and I was so excited to look through it.
Luckily my baby (now 17) wasn’t that into dolls, so a knock-off from Target made her happy.
This year she saw an Our Generation doll at Target that she liked and I thought for $20 why not? I had Samantha and Felicity when I was a kid, and so I was shocked that they had retired all of my favorite girls. My parents didn’t have much money at all when I was young, but they knew to invest in good dolls. I think that it helped that I was a kid who played with dolls until high-school so I still got years of joy our of her.
When the “Girl of Today” came out when I was a litttttttle too old to have another doll, I begged for it anyways, and sentimental Santa brought me one! Even places like PF Chang and Panda Express (who DO NOT use fresh ingredients) can overcharge out the wazoo but no one complains because they’re oftentimes being served by Western faces. Young rabbits present a retarded growth, due to side effects on the kidney and the liver in particular.
Serum calcium, iron, copper, zinc, and glucose are usually slightly lower than in healthy animals and may indicate malnutrition due to intestinal damage, or secondary bacterial infection.
When treating a carpet, vacuum first in order to further penetration of the anticoccidial product. Annabel thought leading me around by the hand to show me all the doll accessories was more fun. I heard you can rub Oxy Acne Medication on her face, stuff her in a plastic bag, and let her sit in the sun. J loves to do the hair of her dolls (3 knockoffs and 1 AG) so most have tons of hair coming out in tufts and strands where as her AG doll looks pristine. We have a store in DC area now and I’ve avoided it like the plague as even though she isn’t into it, she does like a good excuse to shop already! I’m 42, and my Madame Alexander and Zapf dolls are still beautiful and never fail to make me smile. After been washed with soap solution, rinse thoroughly with water, wait until dried off, and then spray with Virkon S or Virukill.
Liver coccidiosis is accompanied by significant elevation of serum bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase (ALP), alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST), and gamma glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT). During treatment of the environment, rabbits should be kept in another part of the home to avoid the danger of contact with the products and possible intoxication.
A bloat is very painful and painkillers should always be given, as well as a gentle massage of the belly to get things moving.
On Friday night, we were killing time at the mall by Mike’s office before he could join us for dinner. As I walked thru the store I couldn’t help but feel disappointed as I know how many little girls would LOVE such a doll.
The stories of Samantha and Molly and Kirsten are gone, and it’s just about the dolls and their accessories. I can’t remember for sure, I think the OG shoes are a little too big, but we just have a rule that dolls can’t leave the house with shoes and other accessories because they are too easy to lose!
Also, I second the hair comment – my Molly had to get a new head from the doll hospital, too.
I have saved all of them with the hopes of keeping the pretend play imagining alive…GO Annie!! RESTRICTED AND GIVES YOU A BETTER KNOWLEDGE WHEN TAKING THE COURSES: VISIT THE SITE BELOW THEN CLICK.
A certified instructor administers the Canadian Firearms Safety Course as a prerequisite for the Canadian Possession and Acquisition License. Canadian Federal Law stipulates that in order to purchase or possess firearms or ammunition a person must have a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL).Firearm.
While I don't want to turn this into a debate on American gun control, or lack there of, I find it interesting how often this law is misunderstood by people in favour of owning an abundance of automatic weapons for hunting todays deadliest wildlife.
In the era when the 2nd Ammendment was written, the phrase "keep and bear arms" refered to operating in a military fashion, thats pretty much an accepted fact by most scholars of American history. As the US had no standing federal army at the time, it established the right to form militia's.
It was also written a few hundred years ago with no understanding of what modern weapons would be capable of.It is also interesting to note, that the new association with an indivduals rights to keep a private cache of arms in case the Queen of England shows up at the door demanding land didn't begin until the 2. I am not sure that gun control vs right to bear arms is any way to solve gun violence, but the shear number of guns available in the United States in a ratio to the number of people must be a contributing factor to making the United States, by far and away the "civilized world" leader in violent crime. I wonder what would happen if you and a few of your buddies tried to form a militia and kick out Obama..

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