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Use this tool to discover new associated keyword & suggestions for the search term Type 1 Diabetes. These are some of the images that we found for within the public domain for your "Type 1 Diabetes" keyword. In 1822 the average North American consumed 45 grams of sugar every 5 days, the equivalent of 1 can of soda. Type two is frequently an outcome of poor lifestyle choices like a poor diet, lack of exercise and stress that lead to a decrease in the production of insulin in the pancreas. The pancreas not only produces insulin, but another fluid known as pancreatic juice, loaded with variety of enzymes including trypsinogen, chymotrypsinogen, elastase, carboxypeptidase, pancreatic lipase and amylase, that is the most alkaline fluid in the body.
An alkaline lifestyle is the first step in preventing, managing and reducing the symptoms of diabetes. Replace sugary drinks like soda and juices with plenty of alkaline water that is rich in minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and manganese. When we do all of these things, our body stops fighting the acidity we keep exposing it to, and starts doing what it was designed to do, defend itself. Santevia Water Systems have a variety of products that are designed to keep you healthy and hydrated, conveniently suiting your lifestyle.

Tyler Type One Diabetes Foundation, LOCAL SUPPORT TODAY until a cure can be found tomorrow!
There are over 35 million confirmed cases of diabetes in North America, with 1 in 2 North Americans being pre-diabetic. The rate we have been consuming sugar (which includes carbohydrates – the nutrient that gets broken down into glucose and used for energy), has overwhelmed our systems and has impaired our ability to effectively produce insulin.
Living an acidic lifestyle can affect the pancreas, reducing the production of both of these vital fluids. They say that sugar is as addictive as cocaine, and anyone who has tried to cut it out of their lives knows how hard it is. Eating alkaline foods like fresh fruit and vegetables and avoiding processed foods, sugar, dairy and meat. Physical activity and keeping a healthy weight helps your blood glucose (blood sugar), stay in your target range.
Our bodies are designed to fight diseases and keep us healthy, it’s your decisions that direct the course of your life and your health. Find out more in next week’s post that will focus on the effects of acidity and alkalinity on cancer.

Santevia products filter, alkalize and remineralize your water in a cost effective and eco-friendly manner. The numbers keep rising, yet we haven’t seen much of a change in the way we live our lives. This type needs to be carefully monitored by checking sugar levels regularly, controlling one’s diet and injecting oneself with insulin.
This is why it is important to eat alkaline rich foods and drink plenty of alkaline water every day. This rise in sugar consumption was mirrored by the amount of people suffering from diabetes.

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