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Treatments and medication for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) range from simple breathing exercises to medications and even surgery. To determine if you have COPD, your doctor is likely to conduct some tests, including spirometry, which involves inhaling as deeply as you can and exhaling into a tube.
Ultimately, preventative measures and avoiding burning in the first place are the best ways to treat a sunburn. Several severe sunburn remedies, such as cold compresses and medication, are available to help ease the suffering associated with sunburn pain and symptoms. Since time is the primary healer of sunburn, the heart of a severe sunburn treatment is pain relief. Following a severe sunburn, the person affected should remain out of the sunlight to prevent further damage as well as to lessen the pain. COPD occurs when the airways and air sacs in the lungs become inflamed or damaged, most often due to smoking, and is more common after age 45.

To treat a severe sunburn, a cool bath or an application of cold water by towel is often recommended. The most natural and often recommended means of relief is through the application of a cold compress to keep the skin cool and moisturized. Adding an oatmeal remedy to the water, whether homemade or bought in a pharmacy, can often help provide relief.
While treating severe sunburn, people should refrain from actively peeling off the skin as it heals. When severe sunburn includes a large area of the body or is accompanied by many blisters, the bearer should definitely see a doctor. During the bath, cosmetic products and soaps that could cause skin irritation should be avoided.
Loose skin should be allowed to fall off the body in order to prevent possible further damage.

Severe pain, lack of improvement within a few days, and fever are other symptoms that warrant the advice of a physician as they could indicate sun poisoning, a potentially dangerous condition. Wearing light clothing, wide-brimmed hats, and spending time in the shade can be helpful as well. It's the best treatment, and when it goes on cold, it's almost painful because it feels so good. Gauze or a clean cloth can be soaked in this solution and then applied to the skin every 15 minutes as needed.
She had to go to the hospital and when she got back to school had to wear shorts because she couldn't wear jeans.

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