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Integrating screens into the architecture makes it easy to put vital information into contextually appropriate locations, rather than being confined to tiny monitors or lo-res printouts. Their project, called Patient Room 2020 presents a vision that fuses the best of the American Medical Association and the Apple Store with a few CCs of Tron thrown in for good measure. In the NXT proposal, the patient’s dinner table would flip over, allowing them to control the lights, review their progress, call for help, and maybe pass the time playing a few games of Angry Birds.
Faced with increasing competition over the last 20 years, hospitals have taken design cues from hotels and kitted out rooms with wood textures and pastel color schemes. The minimal aesthetics of the proposal belie thoughtful interactive details embedded below the surface. Patient Room 2020 also brings gamification to the hospital with a leaderboard that tracks stats for caregivers to see who covers the most ground and helps the most patients in a given day.
New regulations penalize hospitals that have to readmit patients so the proposal also addresses care after discharge. The hospital room of the future embeds sensors and displays into the furniture and walls reducing the need for manual record keeping, minimizing errors, and optimizing quality of care. The design is an impressive prescription for future development, but Ruthven knows getting risk averse and cash-strapped institutions to incorporate these design ideas will be a challenge.
The Savvy™ mobile medication workstation from Omnicell should not be confused with ordinary hospital medication carts. This fully integrated solution features Omnicell's Anywhere RN™ software application and a wireless, medical-grade mobile workstation.
The Anywhere RN software allows nurses to order medications in quieter areas away from interruptions, assisting in preventing medication errors.
Savvy provides secure transport of medications from the ADC to the point-of-care, creating a critical layer of accountability and addressing ISMP recommendations for safe transport of medications. Nurses can place all needed patient medications for a medication pass into patient-assigned locking drawers and then move from room to room, instead of returning to the ADC between each patient. Reduces trips back to the cabinet to record medication waste, which can now be done remotely.
Savvy seamlessly integrates the Omnicell ADC, mobile workstation, and bedside point-of-care (BPOC) systems during the medication administration process, to enable a closed-loop process for tracking medication accountability. Savvy is part of the Unity platform of solutions that share a single database, helping to eliminate redundant data entry that can lead to errors.
Eliminates the manual process of labeling drawers: patient-specific drawers (up to 12) are automatically assigned via the software. Features independently locking drawers, which minimizes the risk of administering the wrong medication to a patient. Omnicell’s unique guiding lights technology helps nurses quickly identify the drawer that has been unlocked, adding speed and convenience to the medication administration process. Lithium-ion hot-swap battery system (2 batteries) provides up to 18 hours of continuous run time. Battery charging station conveniently charges depleted battery without having to plug the Savvy unit into a power outlet. Nurses can focus on patients without worrying about running out of power at a critical time. Last month we conducted a survey about the advantages of using electronic medical records (EMRs) and electronic health records (EHRs). While these benefits didn’t score as high as others, a majority of participants agreed with or said they have experienced these benefits.
In addition to all of the above, we asked survey participants to share other benefits not listed in our survey.

Please leave us a comment if you’d like to share other anecdotes about EMR advantages. How To Evaluate Medical Billing Services EHR Software Market Share Analysis Updates on Meaningful Use, Certified EHR Technology and the Stimulus Bill Don’t Wait for the Government to Start Your EHR Implementation Get Ready for EHR Failures, But Don’t Blame the Software Should CCHIT Influence Your EHR Selection? May 5, 2014 by lhsigns Leave a Comment Over a period of 6.5 years, doctors in Colorado operated on the wrong part of the body of 107 patients, according to the study, which appears in the Archives of Surgery. The Joint Commission has published The Universal Protocol for Preventing Wrong Site, Wrong Procedure, and Wrong Person Surgery™ as guidance for health care professionals to reduce mistakes made in the operating room. L&H Companies has recently developed a Time Out Surgical Patient Care Sign to meet the demands of surgical departments to improve communication and reduce medical errors in the operating room.
The Time Out Sign is positioned at the entrance to the operating room where the Joint Commission recommends surgeons conduct a time-out immediately before starting the invasive procedure or making the incision. The sign is equipped with a white board on the front door to indicate the procedure to be performed. If your hospital is searching for solutions to better comply with The Universal Protocol & help prevent wrong site or wrong procedure surgical mistakes, please contact us about The Time Out Surgical Patient Care Sign. Drug prescribing errors are a common cause of hospital admission, and adverse reactions can have devastating effects. The text is organised alphabetically for the common medications which makes it easy to find key prescribing informationA for drug dosing on the run. Pocket Prescriber Emergency Medicine supplies all your information needs concerning commonly prescribed drugs at a glance, enabling on-the-spot decision-making to provide the highest standard of care whilst mitigating prescribing errors.
Image: NXT HealthWhile the concept is inherently futuristic this full-sized prototype shows that many of its elements are feasible today. Architects want to build dramatic structures while doctors need room to deal with traumatic scenarios. The room is filled with curved white panels and brushed aluminum fixtures that make it feel like an iPhone — fitting since backlit displays and touch screens appear on almost every surface to give docs instant access to medical records and vital signs. These homey touches might put patients at ease, but make disinfection a challenge and create difficulties integrating new technology. When caregivers enter a room LED lights make the sink glow red reminding them to wash their hands, when properly disinfected the sink turn green. As if saving lives and upholding their Hippocratic oath wasn’t enough, notoriously competitive doctors will now be motivated by how they stack up against their peers.
Medical peripherals like blood pressure cuffs would be detached from the room and sent home with patients.
He sees change coming on all fronts — he fears terrorism and climate change might increase and alter the patient population, a increased focus on prevention will create requirements for new spaces, and tech advances like Google Glass could fundamentally change the way doctors operate. Savvy streamlines the medication administration process and provides safe and secure transportation of medications from the automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) to the patient's bedside.
Because clinicians can remotely select patient medications quickly and securely, from any location at any time, their transaction time at the ADC is reduced, providing more time for direct patient care. Nurses can use the Savvy mobile medication workstation, which integrates Omnicell's Anywhere RN software, to request, retrieve, and deliver all of their patients' medications for a medication pass with a single trip to the cabinet, without compromising on security. He joined the company shortly after it started and was lucky to be part of its growth, eventually leading to an acquisition by Gartner.
We asked healthcare providers to assign a 1 to 5 rating to 20 common benefits of EMR software. A modest sample size compared to the more than 2,300 providers that recently attested to Meaningful Use. Greater legibility of notes, reduces paperwork and improves collection rates were second, third and fourth. Greater legibility of notes, greater accessibility of charts and enhanced clinical documentation all received high marks. The proliferation of web-based EMRs and mobile apps is likely one factor responsible for this high rating.

Surgeons committed eight times as many operating room mistakes during simulated procedures when distractions and interruptions were introduced, according to Medpage Today. The document recommends performing  a time-out before the procedure is started until all questions or concerns are resolved. The primary goal of the Time Out Sign is to eliminate the occurrence of wrong site and wrong procedure errors. There is also an insert indicating a bilateral procedure that can be removed if left or right is to be performed.
Pocket Prescriber Emergency Medicine is a concise, up-to-date prescribing guide containing all the essential information on a vast range of drugs that staff from junior doctors to emergency nurses, nurse prescribers, paramedics and other pre-hospital providers may encounter in the emergency setting. There are numerous extra chapters providing in depth reference information for complicated prescriptions;A acute pain relief, procedural sedation, medico-legal essentials, and emergency room skills. Our Team, headed by Mike Cadogan & Chris Nickson, consists (mostly) of emergency physicians and intensivists based in Australia and New Zealand. Photo: NXT HealthIn the NXT proposal, the patient's dinner table would flip over allowing them to control the lights, review their progress, call for help, and maybe pass the time playing a few games of Angry Birds. Creatives obsess over crafting clean lines, surgical teams operate in highly regulated clean rooms.
A simple modification, but the failure of health care professionals to wash their hands contributes to over 100,000 deaths per year and $30 billion in costs every year.
Software tools embedded in the room would be translated into a friendly quantified self app that will allow patients to check in with a care manager remotely.
Fortunately, they crafted the system so components could be switched out as new technology develops and novel use cases emerge.
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During his tenure he helped with everything from picking up breakfast tacos to developing content strategy to building a research team in India. Over sized sliding icons indicating if the procedure is to be performed on the left or right side of the patient’s body slide and lock into place. Secondary sliding icons with additional patient conditions such as No Venipuncture left or right arm, allergy precautions, no latex, Do Not Resuscitate, and no intraveneous blood provide additional communication between caregivers.Hospitals can choose from a library of over 60 patient conditions to be indicated, customizing the sign to their needs. Image: NXT HealthThe hospital room of the future embeds sensors and displays into the furniture and walls reducing the need for manual record keeping, minimizing errors, and optimizing quality of care. Critical health information is displayed where it will be most useful to doctors, not where the IT person set up a monitor. The goal is to have patients and doctors using the same basic tech tools no matter where they are located to optimize the level of service that’s provided. Photo: NXT HealthIn addition to traditional lifesaving equipment, the hospital room of the future also addresses a patient's mental state by altering colors of light to improve moods. Patients don’t have to fumble with switches and knobs, when they touch surfaces lights turn on automatically.
Photo: NXT HealthThe shower has two doors that can open wide enough to accomodate a patient in a wheelchair, but look like they belong in a trendy townhouse.
Photo: NXT HealthThe vision of touchscreens surface mounted into the walls was beyond the scope of the prototype room, but the clever folding mechanism keeps them out of sight until needed. Photo: NXT HealthIntegrated sensors in the bathroom can collect and display vital biometric data that is difficult, or just gross, to capture conventionally.

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