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Narcolepsy is a chronic sleep disorder in which patient experience excessive sleepiness and blinking during the daytime.
If you are suffering from insomnia, you can take the help of several herbs to help you fall asleep.
The transition of infants from mother’s milk to outside foods can be quite trying for the mother.
The problem of acne is really very common and almost everyone has dealt with it at some point or the other. Vitamin A which is otherwise called retinol or anti infective element is found to have a number of health benefits. In congestive heart failure, the heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet the body’s requirement. We often find our skin affected by pigmentation, black spots, patches and uneven skin tone.
More than 95% of the people who suffer from diabetes have diabetes that can be categorised as type 2. Diabetes can be a life threatening condition if left untreated and hence if you experience the signs of diabetes, you must definitely undergo tests to rule out or confirm the possibility and ensure long term health of the body. Many diabetics have caused permanent damage to their optic nerves because they did not take the symptoms seriously and diagnose the condition on time. When you have diabetes, the immunity of the body is highly compromised and you become more susceptible to several types of infections and abscesses. A numbing sensation or tingling or burning sensation is a common feeling experienced by many diabetic patients. Though you follow a strict workout plan and diet, it is essential for you to take some supplements along with your food as it will help you to lower your insulin levels in your blood. Your doctor would prescribe you to take vitamin C supplements along with your diet very day.
Biotin is essential for you if you have type 2 diabetes as it lowers the levels of blood glucose significantly. Research and studies have revealed that there is a correlation between the vitamin D and type 2 diabetes.
Having a daily supplement of vitamin E is highly helpful as it reduces the heart attack chances by 43%.
Fortunately there is an effective alternative of herbal remedies to such treatments. While most would believe that only the modern medicines are effective in treating type-2 diabetes, I would like to open up your mind and introduce several herbal remedies that have been known for treating diabetes for ages. Known for its bitter taste, this vegetable contains substances having anti-diabetic properties. For centuries, ginger, a rhizome of the plant Zingiber officinale, has been used in Asian cuisine and medicine. Finding diabetic patients in your neighbourhood, family, or even office, is not a rare occurrence anymore.
Diabetes is a medical condition, which has taken around 6 percent of the world’s total population in its ambit, and the number is increasing each day.
The type-2 diabetes is the most common condition of diabetes mellitus, with 90% of the total population of the world, suffering from diabetes, having this condition.
In the condition of type 2 diabetes, the body cells of the patient are not able to respond correctly to the insulin. The glucose remains outside of the cells, into the bloodstream, thereby increasing the blood sugar levels, called as Hyperglycemia and thus, resulting into diabetes. Before you start treatment for diabetes, you need to get it properly diagnosed and for that purpose, you will be required to get your blood sugar levels tested. In case you are overweight, or have a family history of diabetes, or aged above 45 years, then you are at a greater risk and so, you should get your blood sugar levels tested at regular intervals.
This would help you in avoiding the onset of this condition, and in case, you already have developed type 2 diabetes, then you can start treatment immediately. This may not look like a treatment, but in fact, it is the first recommendation in case of any person getting diagnosed with type-2 diabetes.
You need to engage in physical activities and lose weight, as obese people are more likely to develop further complications.
You should also reduce the intake of foods high in sugars and carbohydrates, like, potatoes, and start consuming more of fresh fruits, whole grains and vegetables, having low glycemic index. Many doctors and physicians, all over the world, recommend Metformin to their diabetic patients.
It also decreases the insulin resistance of our cells, and makes them more sensitive, thereby stimulating enhanced absorption of glucose in the cells, with the same amount of blood insulin. Other advantages of Metformin, include, its ability to control diabetes induced cardiovascular conditions and having least possible side effects. MetforminA manages to keep the blood sugar levels in control, without causing hypoglycemia or inducing weight gain. Glimepiride, Gliclazide and Glipizide are some of the sulphonylurea drugs that are prescribed to diabetic patients, if their body does not accept Metformin or if they are not overweight. These drugs stimulate the islet cells of pancreas to produce more of insulin, thereby increasing the blood insulin level, leading to reduced blood sugar levels.
Drugs like Nateglinide and repaglinide are also given in type-2 diabetes to boost insulin levels in blood. Other medications that are normally given to the patients suffering from Type-2 diabetes, include, non-sulphonylurea secretagogues, thiazolidinediones, di-peptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors, acarbose, exenatide and alpha glucosidase inhibitors. The need to give insulin therapy arises only after the patienta€™s body stops reacting to other medications. The doctors prescribe insulin shots to such patients, initially once a day and it may be later on increased, to more than one shot, in 24 hours. Type 2 diabetes is mainly a result of fluctuating blood sugar levels and therefore, the patient needs to maintain his glucose levels. If your results are more than or below the level set by your doctor, you immediately need to consult your doctor and start the appropriate treatment plan. The obese people having Type 2 Diabetes can also go for weight loss surgery, which promises to be quite effective.

Type 2 Diabetes has ruined the life of many people, but still, there is no need to lose hope. Type 2 Diabetes is a very common metabolic disorder that leads to the relative ineffectiveness and manufacture of insulin. One of the most common symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes is the desire and the need to urinate more frequently.
The water content that is used for the dilution of this extra glucose is withdrawn from the blood. If there is a presence of disproportionate levels of thirst and constant desire to drink water, then it is important to pay attention to the rate of urination.As one of the main symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes is frequent urination and the related loss of water content from the body, creates the high thirst levels and the desire to drink more water. The reason behind feeling sudden pangs of hunger is the dropping down of energy levels due to the ineffective functioning of insulin in the body. The gain in weight is related to the extra consumption of food for the energy supply as discussed above. The relatively poor functioning of the insulin in the body decreases the energy provided to the cells and this increases the levels of fatigue in the patients of Type 2 Diabetes.
The lack of energy, inactive state of body and mind and low energy levels causes irritability.
One of the progressive symptoms of Type 2 diabetes is blurred vision, which is caused by the tissues being pulled away from the lenses of the eyes.
The presence of high levels of sugar in the blood stream makes it difficult to heal bruises and fine cuts. With the sugar content going up in the blood, infections in the vagina or bladder take unduly long to heal and recover.
It may not be one of the primary symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes, but the presence of an itching sensation on the skin, may point towards the development of Type 2 Diabetes in many women.
If you notice a sudden reddening or swelling up of gums which start feeling tender, pay attention to the blood sugar levels. The presence of excessive sugar in the blood stream may eventually lead to the damaging of the nerves and the tiny blood vessels linked to them. It is important to remember that the disease increases progressively and symptoms vary with the increase in the blood sugar levels and the age of the disease. In type 2 diabetes, the cells in the body either do not recognise the insulin hormone that is present in the body or do not produce enough hormones that are necessary for the body as opposed to type 1 diabetes where there is no insulin production at all. It is the high amounts of sugar in the body and the dehydration due to excess loss of water that leads to feelings of fatigue that the person can experience any time of the day without any cause. Blurred vision appears when the body becomes dehydrated and tries to extract fluid from various tissue parts.
The fact that these infections and abscesses take longer time to be healed is almost a confirmation of your diabetic status. Then you must be aware that your pancreas would not be able to transmit the glucose from the blood to the cells in your body. This is much more effective for your diabetic treatment as it is proven to aid in keeping your medical condition under control. This is because this vitamin can enhance the tolerance of glucose levels in the blood as well as lower sorbitol levels, which is usually a sugar build up.A If sorbitol levels are more in your body, then it would lead to damage of nerves, eyes and kidneys and this can prove to be fatal for you. You ought to increase your intake of vitamin B6, B1, B3 and B12 so that you can cope up with this medical condition.A You can lower your blood sugar level if you have a regular dosage of this vitamin every day. Those who are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes pose serious threat to heart attacks as the blood protein called haptoglobin in higher in their body.A Taking about 400 IU of vitamin E every day is considered as the best vitamins for type 2 diabetes. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Type 2 diabetes is one of the prevalent categories of diabetes that is closely related to hereditary factors. Herbal remedies are affordable and free from  chemicals causing adverse effects if used over long duration.
A wave of researches have also shown that bilberry extract strengthens blood vessels in the retina and reduce haemorrhaging for people with retinopathy, a condition that is very likely to develop in a diabetes patient. Cinnamon is highly effective in improving blood glucose levels and increasing insulin sensitivity. Most of us know someone or another, who is suffering from this condition, and may also be able to empathize with them. With this disease becoming an epidemic, it is almost inevitable to get more knowledge about this condition and its treatments. While Type 1 diabetes is caused by the destruction of insulin producing Islet cells of pancreas, leading to insulin deficiency, Type 2 diabetes is caused due to resistance of body cells to insulin. Now, since insulin acts as the transporter of glucose, from blood stream to the inside of body cells, so this insulin resistance results into the deficiency of glucose within the cells.
The most effective tests to establish the presence of type 2 diabetes, include, Fasting Glucose levels test, Hemoglobin A1c test, and Oral Glucose tolerance test. There are many treatments available, which can help you, fight this condition, and lead a trouble free life. A person diagnosed with type 2 diabetes has to bring some immediate changes in his lifestyle and diet. You can lose weight, with regular physical activity and by following a controlled, but balanced diet plan. Initially, when starting with Metformin, you may feel sick or get mild diarrhea, but these symptoms subside with time, and may not even appear at all, if you have started with low dosage. This drug is usually prescribed as soon as the diabetic problems are diagnosed and the patient is not able to control them, with lifestyle and diet changes. But, there affect does not lasts for very long, and have to be taken just before main meals. This therapy is continued alongside other oral medications, and is started by giving one insulin shot, at night, after meals. In case of pregnant women, insulin shots are the first choice, as they dona€™t have many side effects, either for fetus or the mother. You should go for HbA1c test after every two to six months, as advised by your doctor, to keep track of your blood glucose levels.

For instance, if your blood glucose level is high, you can increase your medication and vice versa, if the glucose levels are low. But, this surgery has to be conducted only under expert medical supervision, and appropriate precautions should be taken, before, during and after the surgery. If you manage to follow all the instructions, bring appropriate changes in your lifestyle, and keep a vigilant eye on your blood glucose levels, you can control this condition to a large extent. This starts accumulating in the bladders and urges the patients to urinate more frequently. Insulin provides energy to the human cells by breaking down the sugar content in the blood stream.As the body cannot receive the energy internally, it looks towards food products to provide the same. Overeating causes obesity if not combined with regular exercise and a healthy change in lifestyle. One of the common symptoms is to get tired and listless easily and suffer from physical and emotional stress, caused due to the low metabolic rates and energy levels.
This affects the focusing power of the eyes which leads to other complications or problems in vision in the long run.
If you find your bruises taking longer than usual to heal, it may be a symptom of Type 2 Diabetes.
You may find yourself struggling with yeast infections and other skin problems which you had never seen before. The dryness in the skin caused to poor blood circulation can signal the development of Type 2 Diabetes.Usually the skin around the armpit area and the neck starts darkening due to this symptom of Type 2 Diabetes and this is a cause of concern for many women. One of the other signs of Type2 Diabetes is the pulling away of the gums, which leads to the loosening of the teeth. This gives rise to another important symptom of Type 2 Diabetes which relates to numbness or tingling in the nerves of the feet and hands.The symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes are hard to detect and usually go unnoticed.
It is important to keep a firm check and high self control over the lifestyle patterns and other recommendations, to avoid becoming a slave to insulin injections in the later stages of Type 2 Diabetes. This will cause your glucose levels to be extremely high which would eventually result in damage of various vital organs in your body.
That is why you must include lots of fruits and also vegetables that are rich in vitamin C in your regular diet.
Make sure that you get 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight thrice a week as the morning rays of the sun are rich in vitamin D.A Apart from popping vitamin D pills, make sure that you include dairy products such as cheese, cereals and eggs along with fishes such as sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon, cod and herring. It is possible these days to reduce the risks and relieve the symptoms of type-2 diabetes with advanced medical treatment and pills. This fruit increases the cells’ usage of glucose and hence blocks the absorption of sugar in the intestine. The juice of aloe vera improves blood glucose levels and decreases the abnormally high level of blood lipid molecules. It acts as a protection against the forms of retinal damage in patients of type 2 diabetes.
Daily intake of  6 grams of cinnamon lessens serum glucose, triglyceride, and bad cholesterol within the period of 40 days.
Ginger extracts assist in management of high blood sugar levels by increasing the uptake of glucose into muscle cells without the use of insulin. Even without prescription medication and expensive treatment, it is possible to treat type-2 diabetes with these herbal remedies. Metformin works byA controllingA the amount of glucose, released into the blood stream, by liver, thereby reducing the blood sugar levels. These treatments are very effective and if taken with proper diet and physical exercise, can increase the life of any diabetic patient.
It is important to know that the ineffectiveness or the low production of insulin makes it difficult for the kidneys to filter the glucose content back into the blood stream. So if you do find yourself rushing to the toilet every hour or more frequently, then its time to have a blood sugar level check done for an early diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
Diabetes is generally referred to as a silent killer as the symptoms are so very easy to miss. Watch out for such excessive thirst and need to drink water as it could be a warning that you have type 2 diabetes. The process of drinking water and urination will continue until the diabetes is taken care of. Long term exposure to diabetes will lead to permanent damage of optic nerves in the eyes and partial or total blindness with the passage of time.
A Biotin is A extremely effective in enhancing the ability of the body to release insulin, which is helpful for your diabetic condition.
These food items are rich in fatty acids which can lower the cholesterol levels in your body and reduce the chances of getting life threatening heart diseases. Aloe vera quells swelling and promotes faster healing of wound injuries that normally would take longer healing time for individuals with type-2 diabetes. Bilberry also helps in lowering blood sugar levels, improving blood circulation and preventing cell damage. So whenever you think modern medicine is not working for you, opt for herbal remedies and risk no side effects.
It is important to be aware of the above symptoms and keep a watch for any tell tale signs that may lead to this metabolic disorder. Bilberry hence is an excellent herbal medication that promotes the most significant body functions, essential for patients with type-2 diabetes.
A great advantage of the herbal remedies is that even if you are taking modern medicine, you can use these ingredients in your regular food and overcome the effects of the disease fast. The good news is that once you have been diagnosed for Type 2 Diabetes, it is easy to control and manage the same with positive lifestyle changes, dietary control and the administration of certain medicines.

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