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This statement will be provided to members who have held at least one Complying Health Insurance Product which is eligible for the Australian Government Rebate. You may remember that since 1 April 2014, the Australian Federal Government now indexes the private health insurance rebate to a maximum of the Consumer Price Index (CPI). If you paid premiums for your policy before, on, or after 1 April 2016, you may see more than one line of information on your tax statement. All adults on your membership at the time of a payment are now eligible for a portion of the rebate. A large portion of the Australian public are covered for Health Insurance by a plethora of Health Fund.
The beauty of this registration is that, many of our clients will find that because the cost of our prescription eyeglasses are so low, after their rebate their glasses actually turn out to be free of charge. Because things change from time to time we recommend that, if you are relying on a rebate from your health fund it is only prudent that you drop them a line and check with them before placing your order. For more information on the prohibitive requirements imposed by Medibank please contact us directly.

LHC is a financial loading that can be payable in addition to the base rate premium for your private health insurance hospital cover.
To avoid paying a LHC loading, you need to purchase hospital cover by 1 July following your 31st birthday.
If you are a new migrant to Australia, and are aged 31 or over, you will not have to pay a LHC loading if you purchase hospital cover within 12 months of being registered for full Medicare benefits.
If you delay purchasing hospital cover for more than 12 months after your registration, you will have to pay 2% more for each year you are aged over 30 when you purchase your hospital cover. Any LHC loading that you pay will be removed from your hospital cover premium after you have held hospital cover for 10 continuous years. If you need to know how much you can claim and whether or not you have a tax liability, please speak to the ATO or your tax agent and they should be able to assist. We will send a tax statement to each adult on your membership (except dependent children) so that they can claim their rebate.
It was designed to encourage people to take out hospital insurance earlier in life, and to maintain their cover.

Private health insurers cannot refuse to insure any person, and must charge everyone the same premium for the same level of cover, despite their risk profile and likelihood of using health services. If you purchase hospital cover earlier in life, and keep it, you will pay lower premiums compared to someone who joins when they are older. They do not apply to private health insurance general treatment cover (also known as ancillary or extras cover).
If you purchase hospital cover after this date you may be required to pay a LHC loading – 2% for each year you are over 30. However, if you cancel your hospital cover after the LHC loading has been removed, you may become liable to pay a LHC loading again in the future. For instance, if you wait until you are 40, you could be paying an extra 20% on the cost of your hospital cover.

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