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But after checking and banging my head on the table and scratching nearly all my hair out it would just never ever work! It turns out the if you are hosting through 1and1 which I was then they do not supportĀ  DEFLATE so as you can imagine it is a little more tricky. But there is another catch to this solution, you have to gzip the js, css and image files (if you choose to serve all of them compressed) yourself. Of course the compression level is up to you 9 is the highest so you can adjust as you see fit. Apparently although that is php6 it will run fine on php5.4 and will allow gzip compression this means it will run html and htm files through the php parser as well and you can add other extensions.
This entry was posted in Tools, Tutorials, Wordpress and tagged 1and1, apache, compression, gzip, hosting, htaccess, load, php, speed on March 3, 2015 by SHH Design. The information in this document was created from the devices in a specific lab environment. To export configuration data from Cisco Unified Communications Manager, use the following procedure.
All files that are exported at the same time get bundled together (.tar) and can be downloaded from the server. If you decide to use notepad or WordPad for the edit, ensure that you add a comma for every new entry in the file format.
In the File text box, enter the full path of the file that you want to upload or click Browse and locate the file.

From the Select the Target drop-down list box, choose the target for which you want to use the file.
From the Transaction Type drop-down list box, choose the transaction type that the file defines. If you want to overwrite a file that already exists with the same name, check the Overwrite File if it Exists check box. In this example, changes were made to the configuration that already existed, therefore Validate Import file option was chosen. In this snapshot you can see that changes got reflected properly post successful Job result.
Note: Use this option only when you add something new to the configuration that already exists.
Select the Device Data accordingly and click on Run Immediately radio button and submit the Job.
Navigate to Job Scheduler and click on the respective Job Id and check the log files in the Job results section and see the error description and make modifications accordingly.
With this menu you can make changes to any random phones, device profiles and route patterns etc.
You can use the Select All button to check all the check boxes at once and the Clear All button to clear all the check boxes. For example, if an item depends on CSS, then only CSS will be selected and the items that CSS depends on will not be selected.

If you check option run later, then you need to select the Job Id and activate it manually to process it. Header file can be used to refer to the details of the server from where the export was carried out and the time when it was carried out.
If you add a new file to the tar package, ensure that the file has the same name and file format as it would have if it is exported from CUCM. They are exported in encrypted form in the exported file and hence it cannot be changed to plain text. My first option seems to work just fine for me but you know me I like to give you guys options. If your network is live, make sure that you understand the potential impact of any command. Entities which have credentials are - Common Phone Profile, SIP Realm, Application User, LDAP Authentication, LDAP Directory, Cisco Attendant Console, and Enduser.
However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program.

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