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Type 2 diabetes is a growing concern, but a healthy diet can be very helpful for low blood sugar.
This yummy green juice is super easy to make, refreshing and great for toddlers, kids, adults (basically the entire family).
Packed full of nutrients and fiber, this juice is perfect anytime of day when you need a pick-me up or a basic vitamin boost.
Super Note: All the ingredients in this juice are according to taste, so feel free to adjust the amounts to your own liking.

The green apple, banana & carrot all make the drink sweet, so there is no need to add any additional sugar.
Spinach is the main ingredient of this juice (not lemons), if you are not a spinach lover (like my family), then you will need to start slow and keep increasing the spinach quantity daily.
You may also experience a slight detoxing effect – which is great if you are trying to cleanse your system and lose a few pounds.
For an added boost of extra nutrition to your already healthy juice add some chia or flaxseeds!

Just be forewarned you might get hooked to having so much good stuff flowing in your body that you will need to make one everyday.

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