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Na een opknapbeurt heeft Wim het span uiteindelijk verkocht omdat hij toch liever een 2 persoons bak wilde, maar die heeft hij niet gevonden in zijn prijsklasse.Misschien heeft iemand nog een P2 of 3 te koop? Motorcycle Front Foot Pegs For Honda GL ACE Valkyrie ShadowMotorcycle Rubber Parts Front Foot Pegs For Honda GL ACE Valkyrie Shadow Description: 100% Brand new and high quality Easy to install. Gaskabel - Honda GL 1800 GoldwingWe use at Bowden cables and waves to 99% goods Made in Japan or Europe.
Gaskabel - Honda GL 1200 GoldwingWe use at Bowden cables and waves to 99% goods Made in Japan or Europe. What makes a motorcycle a classic?  The definition of a classic motorcycle is different then that of a classic car.
It seems that the prime time of motorcycle development was during the time of automotive malaise in the seventies and eighties.
Can't anything become an instant classic, like the Triumph Speed Triple or Ducati 951? But yes, I think you're correct about instant classics, and the Speed Triple is a good example.
Mr Max is definitely a classic because it remains a unique design with a distinctive image and mystique.
The F bikes were amungst the first to start moving away from the long gone UJM formula towards something more performance oriented. I too would consider the c and k bikes to be a classic design but the F's just dont look out of place in a modern line up if you are willing to ignore their size. Groeten, RonalTKijk in de evenementen kalender voor 2016 wat er dan te doen isOp zoek naar een mooie kentekenplaathouder of andere leuke gadgets? Bali Sa schreef:GRRRRRR nog niet echt kunnen rijden met da str ntweer.Im depressed Ach, je moet maar zo denken, hoe langer je moet wachten, des te meer geniet je er van als je kan rijden!Wup zal ook best wel heeeel veeel gaan genieten zometeen!

Wiring within harnesses is not normally specified, although sometimes you can derive it from schematics. I am hoping that someone with this cable will create a detailed schematic of this cable so that I can reproduce it. For a motorcycle to be a classic it needs to stand out and draw your attention immediately. The NHTSA and EPA would seem to agree since imported vehicles over 25 years old do not have to comply with Federal safety and emissions rules. Het Europese model pas vanaf 2007 model alleen in combinatie met de Airbag.Het 2004 model had als eerste GL1800 weer de windrooster in de ruit. The installation manual shows the cable, and for the most part identifies the connector types and colors correctly (One connector that should be a 3 pin red is identified as a 2 pin red, I think because there are only 2 wires used).
I have acquired the connectors, and I could probably guess how it goes together based upon the color coding of the cables it interfaces with. He has this cable as part of a complete system in stock and allowed me to pull it out and create a schematic from it so I could build my own cable. The 'Adapter Wire' is different but required in place of the 'Intercom Wire' when you have just the radio without either the intercom, CB, or Cassette Player. Certes, il lui manque certaines gâteries que l'on peut trouver chez la concurrence (l'info-divertissement de Harley ou l'armada technologique d'une BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive).
More importantly, how new can a bike be and be a classic, could it be a 1987 V-Max or a late 80’s Suzuki Katana? You could go with a specific example being 25 years old, but we can all think of junk that's that old which will never be considered classic, even at the Concours De LeMons, or maybe only there. The problem is that it does not specify the exact wiring within this cable, although where the connectors go to are clearly displayed.

I now have an electronic schematic that I drew with enough detail that I think most anyone else could make their own if it was needed. If anyone needs the diagram for the 'Adapter Wire', let me know and I will be happy to create that schematic too.
I am willing to share this document, but it is not an img file, it is now a bmp or an sch file.
We saw the beginning of the fully clothed sport bikes and by 1986 you also saw the introduction of the Yamaha V-Max which created the muscle bike category.
Since my special interest is BMW I would also add the K bikes as one of the early large scale uses of EFI and ABS and the 1993 R1100RS also deserves classic status since its Telelever front suspension was the first commercially successful alternative front suspension design.
Note the emphasis on commercial success, while the Bimota Tesi predates the R1100RS and the Yamaha GTS1000 was also introduced in 1993, the Bimota was a very expensive limited production exotic and the Yamaha was very poor seller that was discontinued after 3 years. Add in those comstock mag wheels and it looks about as much 80's as a line of cocaine does. Yes, dumping them on me because they knew I liked them, and they had one that they wanted out of the yard or garage or whatever. I had fun riding the little rodents around, but I didn't consider them classic until I saw a bunch of them being raced in Park City at the vintage bike road race there in 1999.
Funny, I had what was generally considered a disposable, unloved bike that became a classic and I wasn't aware of the fact, even while I owned the poor little bastard.

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