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If your organization is affected by the new standards, you must submit XML files to report on your financial transactions.
You also submit an XML file that includes information about the reporting organization, customers, suppliers, and employees for which transactions are reported. Much of the data that you need to report is available in the base and China-specific software tables.
This functionality includes the document titles that you want to print in the XML file, alternative UDC descriptions, currency code information, and so on.
The CNAO Shared Information XML file includes data about the reporting organization as well as metadata about records in the other CNAO XML files. Because China-specific payroll processing is not available in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system, you must add data about your employees, payroll periods, payroll categories, and the payroll amounts that you paid to employees in new programs provided in this ESU. Process and post your general ledger records, and then set up and generate the general ledger XML file.
Detailed process flows for each XML file are available in the chapters that describe how to generate each XML file.
This illustration shows the high-level process flow for the primary setup, the shared information XML file, and the payroll XML file. The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software creates all XML files for CNAO version 2 in the UTF 8 format. If you have installed the EnterpriseOne package in some other location, type that instead of C:\b9\system in the above command. The system generates text that mentions what files are being converted and the directory locations.
Scripting on this page enhances content navigation, but does not change the content in any way. Drum brakes may be "old technology" but they're still used for the rear brakes on most cars and trucks.
The drum is part of the drum brake assembly, which also includes a wheel cylinder, a pair of shoes, return springs and hold down springs, a backing plate, some type of self-adjuster mechanism to maintain lining clearances, and a parking brake mechanism. Front drums on older rear-wheel drive cars and trucks are mounted on a spindle and supported by a pair of wheel bearings. HOW TO MEASURE DRUM WEAR Once the drums are off, they should be measured to determine how much they are worn. If the inside diameter of the drum exceeds specifications, it is worn out and MUST be replaced.
New drums come from the factory in a finished condition and are ready to install, so additional resurfacing is not necessary and only shortens the potential service life of the drum. When a drum is mounted on a lathe for resurfacing, it must be mounted straight and secure to minimize runout. If the drums are turned too quickly, the tool bit can leave tiny grooves in the surface which can chew up a new set of linings as well as make noise. One way to tel if the surface finish is in the recommended range of 80 microinches or less is to try writing your name on the friction surface with a ball point pen.

Resurfaced drums should be handled with care and stored face down until they are put back on the vehicle. A common mistake that many people make is not cleaning the drums after they've been turned. Once the drums have been resurfaced and cleaned, care must be used during installation to keep greasy fingerprints off of the inside surface.
On front drums with serviceable wheel bearings, the bearings must be cleaned, inspected and repacked with grease. Once the drums are in place, the shoes must be adjusted until they just clear the drum (little or no drag felt when the drum is rotated by hand). However, you will need to set up some additional information to include in the XML files that you generate to report your transactions.
Be sure to verify that you have completed all of the setup described in the chapter for each output file, including any steps noted in the prerequisites and the checklist provided in each chapter. Some of the data exists in the tables provided for the electronic accounting books for China. You must process your payroll before setting up and generating the payroll XML file because you must enter up-to-date information about payroll transactions before you generate the XML file. Up until the early 1970s, drum brakes were used both front and rear on almost all vehicles. The drum provides the friction surface against which the linings rub when the shoes are pushed outward by hydraulic pressure in the wheel cylinder. The rear drums on rear-wheel drive cars and trucks are mounted on the axle hub, while those on front-wheel drive cars and minivans are either mounted on a spindle or hub. Do NOT beat on the drum with a steel hammer because you might crack or chip the cast iron drum. Also, the drum may fall to the ground and be damaged or smash your toe, so make sure you have a good grip on it when it comes loose.
Exposure to asbestos dust may increase the risk of lung cancer and other lung disease, so care must be used to avoid inhaling the dust or getting it on clothing.
If you don't have a gauge, most auto parts stores that resurface drums will have such a tool, and they should know how to use it (if they don't take your drums someplace else!). Grease or oil contamination must be removed before the drum is reused because grease can cause grabbing and uneven braking. The locked position of the shoes prevents the drum from contracting normally as it cools resulting in permanent distortion. The result is uneven shoe-to-drum contact, uneven lining wear and reduced braking efficiency. Never do one drum and not the other because differences in diameter can affect side-to-side brake balance.
A silencer band should be wrapped around the outside of the drum to dampen vibrations and reduce the possibility of creating chatter marks as the drum is cut. Resurfacing leaves a lot of debris as well as torn and folded metal on the inside surface of the drums.

It's not necessary but can save time because if the shoes are out too far, they'll catch on the drum preventing the drum from sliding back on the brake.
As the linings rub against the drum, they generate friction to slow the wheel and bring the vehicle to a halt. Most of these will have sealed wheel bearings, but some may have bearings that require periodic service. This is necessary because as the drums wear, they often develop a ridge that will catch on the shoes.
The dust should be removed by cleaning the inside of the drums with an aerosol brake cleaner. The increased inside diameter of a badly worn drum won't match up with a new set of linings unless the linings are arced (and nobody does that anymore). To check for this condition, measure the inside diameter of the drum close to the inside and outside edges of the drum. So if the drums are rough, they will have to be resurfaced to restore the friction surface to like-new condition.
Much of this debris will be knocked off by the brake linings when the brakes are first applied, but some of it will become embedded in the linings and may contribute to noisy brakes. You must also run several programs to update financial statement data such as cash flow, income statements, and balance sheets. Before you run this utility, you must ensure that you have Java Virtual Machine version 1.6 installed on your computer. This generates a lot of heat, which the drum absorbs and dissipates so the linings don't get too hot and begin to fade. On most drum brakes that have a star wheel self-adjuster, a screwdriver or brake adjuster tool can be inserted through a slot in the backing plate to back off the adjuster. Consequently, the linings only make contact in the middle which reduces their effective braking ability. If the drum is worn excessively, the self-adjuster mechanisms may not be able to take up all the slack resulting in a low pedal. The subprocesses each populate a table that is used by the XML generation program to produce the final output file. There's also the chance that the wheel cylinder may overextend to the point where it leaks or comes apart, causing brake failure. Resurfacing will shave the tops off any hard spots, but they usually come back once the drum is returned to service and starts to wear again.

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