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Students can partake in different activities, watch performances, and eat food from different countries, ultimately contributing to ISA’s mission of providing cultural and educational programs to the USC community. Two years ago, Globefest was held off campus at the Lorenzo and brought a live camel to students.
Globefest will also feature free food, including boba from Ozero Tea and Desserts and Quickly Boba LA, various Peruvian desserts, Hawaiian barbecue from Rutts Hawaiian Cafe and Catering, Greek skewers from Good Greek Grub, and free frozen yogurt from Yogurtland. Activities at Globefest include an obstacle course, a sumo suit contest, origami making, lantern making, air hockey, Diwali diya making, calligraphy, hair braiding, mosaic flower pot decorating, and cornholes.

A highlight of the event will be performances from USC student organizations such as USC Drishti and USC Shinkendo, as well as a stand out fire-based performance from Aztec dancers with audience participation. Globefest is an annual event taking place over the past five years that features cultures from around the world. ISA will also be bringing in specialists such as a henna artist, a caricaturist and a fortune teller to really capture various cultures. The event will also include various raffles and a life-size map where guests can pin where they are from to celebrate the diversity at USC.

This year, ISA is making Globefest bigger and better than ever, bringing a live sloth, a mini alpaca, and a mini pony.
ISA will also be hosting a soccer tournament, World Cup, in conjunction to the diverse programming.

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