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Globe Barotzie +2 commentsfull view I like the detail on the inside. Unlike maps, distortions and ruptures are not present on the globe and hence, it is convenient to use the globe for general notion about the location of continents and oceans. The celestial globe shows the position of stars in the sky as a mirror-image since we see the globe from outside and the celestial globe from "inside". The "Earth Apple" (German: Erdapfel) is the traditional name of the globe created by Martin Behaim in Nuremberg somewhere between 1490 and 1493. The Behaim globe is a metal sphere of 507 mm diameter, covered by a map, reflecting the knowledge of Europeans about the surrounding world at the end of the 15th century, including inventions of the Portuguese in Western Africa. The "Earth Apple" is an unique achievement of the cartography of the late Middle Ages both according to the accuracy point of view and as well as on the clearness of the image.
Globe Blau, a copper globe on a circular wooden support made in the beginning of 1690 by the successors of the popular Amsterdam cartographer William Blau for Swedish king Charles XI.
After Charles XII refused to redeem the globe in connection with expenditure for the Northern war, this rare object caught the attention of a Russian agent in Amsterdam.
In 1710 the globe was bought by the Russian tsar, delivered to Russia and put in the Lefortovo palace.
In 1733 the globe was moved to the Sukharev tower, where the globe had not lost its educational function. In 1752, the globe was moved to the Petersburg's cabinet of curiosities, apparently, to serve as a sample while restoring the Globe of Gottorf, which had been damaged by fire.
During the 19th century, the Globe of Blau was an exhibit of the Rumyantsev museum, which was earlier located in St.-Petersburg and then in Moscow. GENERAL KNOWLEDGEQ.1) who was declared as the winner of Presidential Elections of semi-autonomous region Zanzibar on 21 March 2016? Q.4) Molenbeek, the place, which recently gained international attention as the base of numerous Islamic terrorists, is located in which country? Q.5) The world’s first mass dengue vaccination programme has been launched by which country?

Q.7) Recently, which country among the SAARC nations, decided to opt out from the execution of famous SAARC satellite project? Q.8) Where will be the first Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) chair established in the Arab world? The Personal and Professional Edition of this Map are components of the MapCollection Package World maps. By night, a light sensor automatically changes the globe to the illuminated night view and the star map shows 88 constellations.
The globe seems to be a reasonable quality item but the plug it was delivered with was damaged. Some examples are: re-shaping this globe, designing other things from this globe, using the globe in advertisements, movies, paintings, putting the globe into some unusual environment.
All Comments welcome!+1 commentsfull view Congrats on your first apprentice gold, Rlittle! At the same time, the globe (regular sized) has a sufficiently small scale and cannot show any place in detail. Latitudes and longitudes are absent on the map according to modern methods but the equator, meridians, tropics and zodiac signs are mentioned on the map. The globe quickly became one of the attractions of the city and was exhibited in the Nuremberg town hall for public viewing till the 16th century.
A year later, the globe was transported to the bell tower of Ivan the Great, where it was put on exhibition along with the high overshoes of Peter for the Moscow public.
The Atlantic Ocean separates South America from another large continent to its east.  That continent is .
La carte sol vegetation * (globe eteint) represente la surface de la terre avec les hautes montagnes, les forets, les zones cultivees, les savanes, les deserts et en blanc les regions polaires ou les glaciers. The map is inside an injected high strength plexiglas sphere; it is practically unbreakable and unscratchable.
The political * map (switched off) shows the countries in different colours and the main rail-, air- and sea- ways.

Geographical mistakes encountered on the map repeat the inaccuracies of the maps of Paolo Toscanelli. Later on, it became the property of the Behaim family and is on exhibition since 1907 at the German National Museum in Nuremberg. During long negotiations the Russian agent succeeded in slashing the price up to 10 times off the initial price. The physical * map (switched on) shows the mountains, the valleys, the plains, the sea-depths and streams in different colours. They are based on the exchange rate of .Mouse-over displayed price shows the euro contractual price.
A brief description about various countries and images of their inhabitants are represented on the map.
The "Earth Apple" map does not consider the voyage results of Columbus as he returned to Europe no earlier than March 1493 and the existence of America as separate continent was proved by Amerigo Vespucci about 20 years later. America appeared on the following globe known to us which was created by Martin Waldseemueller. It all starts in our state-of-the-art 'clean printing room', where our craftsmen work just with superior acrylic sheets.
Bringing in all kind of papers is strictly forbidden, because it would bring in fine paper dust particles which could later be attracted in the printing process. Printing up to 17 successive layers of colors, there's a curing process between each layer, along with an inspection and careful cleaning. Once the printing is complete, a high gloss clear coat layer is applied over the entire map, than it is sent back for inspection to our cartographic department.

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