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The Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut was designed and built by Philip Johnson and Richard Foster in 1949. Join the World of Artecase!Receive ideas for your collection each Friday and be the first to hear about our exclusive events.
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Heavily influenced by the Bauhaus ideals, they designed along minimalist lines with the aim of  achieving transparency in a standing structure. In the photo are Andy Warhol, David Whitney, Philip Johnson, Dr John Dalton and Robert A.M. She has an uncanny love for all things neon, prefers regular to diet and secretly wishes she were a hipster because it’d be ironic. We’re a jet-set, in-the-know kind of crew and our readers come from every corner of the globe.
The feature of obscuring any portion of the glass at will with the push of a button is great. Given the liberties the architects have taken with their clients needs, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if they also forgot basic geometry. It is an extraordinary building in its severe and rigid minimalism and is often compared to Farnsworth House (1951) by Mies van der Rohe as the two are very similar in form and principal. Email us your questions and how you would like us to respond, via: email, Skype or FaceTime.

A house where no matter what you did (eat, sleep, poop, drink, have random sex with strangers) any creeper off the street could see you. However, I’d omit the glass furniture and might use oriental rugs and more natural furnishings.
Described by architectural historian Vincent Scully as ‘the longest running salon in America’,  Philip Johnson and David Whitney gathered together figures of design, art and architecture, who were at the forefront of their fields in their day, and have since moved into the realms of legend.  Imagine being a fly on the wall in that room! While glass houses sound really cool in theory, and look really cool too, they aren’t exactly practical for everyday life. My biggest fear would be Peeping Toms and the fact that when it got dark at night I could see everything outside.

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