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MA?ximo rendimiento en juegos, diseA±o atento, visuales impecables y las actualizaciones instantA?neas. Asus’ Republic of Gamers series of gaming laptops have never been known for their subtlety.
This gargantuan laptop had a protruding rear when you lifted up its massive 17in screen, but the GL552VW's smaller, 15.6in lid stretches across the whole length of the chassis, making it feel positively svelte by comparison. The GL552VW still has plenty in common with the G751JT, though, as you’ll find the lid has the same soft-touch finish and identical Asus ROG logos emblazoned on its central brushed aluminium panel. There’s a spacious palm rest area below the keyboard, but it picks up greasy palm prints quite easily, which rather spoils its overall look.
The keyboard's surprisingly pleasant to type on, too, as it has a reasonable amount of travel and provides good level of feedback on each key stroke.

It’s a shame some of the shortcuts and macros available on other ROG laptops haven’t been included here, particularly when there’s so much space above the keyboard.
Of course, most gamers will immediately abandon the touchpad in favour of a mouse, so you'll be pleased to hear Asus has actually included one in the box. Rather annoyingly, Asus doesn't include any pre-installed software that lets you disable these buttons either. Generally speaking, though, the GL552VW is certainly one of the more understated laptops I've seen in this range recently, especially when you sit it down side by side with the behemoth G751JT I reviewed at the end of last year.
However, with a weight of 2.6kg and a chassis measuring 35mm thick, it’s not something you'll want to carry around with any degree of regularity, but you'll probably be all right throwing it in a backpack for the occasional gaming session at a friend's house. Asus hasn't messed with the layout of the keyboard, so everything's where you'd expect it to be, and it's even made room for a dedicated number pad.

Swipes glide across the surface with minimal resistance, and taps and multitouch gestures were detected without any issues. However, you'll probably still want to swap it out for your own mouse, as this ergonomically designed Asus ROG-branded model isn't without its problems. Instead, you have to download the drivers separately (the mouse model is GX850) from Asus' website. There aren’t any gamer-specific macros, however, and the only gamer-centric customisations are the highlighted WASD keys.

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