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Get the latest updates from Return of the Cafe Racers straight to your inbox as each new story goes live!Enter your email address below to sign up to the newsletter list. Custom motorcycles, Cafe Racers, custom parts for your motorcycle and motorcycle lifestyle news. The bike is based on Honda GL1000 and has been built by a guy from Texas Hill Country, Texas. The old seat pan was reworked in order to fit the new fiberglass cafe tail with the original but whittled down seat foam and a little bit modified seat cushion. Although, it hasn’t been turned into a chopper or bobber and still remains an ordinary Honda touring bike, the build deserves top marks.
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Head over to this page and look closer how each painted and buffed out part had been processed and how they turned out in the end. It took about a year to get everything setup and get the outstanding machine that you see here. So, with the new color, renewed motor and the ultimate disign this bike has all rights to get compliments once it’s on the street. But now I’m starting to wonder if the next trend will be repurposed old sleds like the Honda Gold Wing.
Ok, let’s quickly go through the changes made before the bike went for the shakedown ride with a totally new look.
Here’s one built by Texas-based Ric Becker, who sells and restores tandem bicycles for a living.

It arrived at his door as a gift from a customer who didn’t want to see the bike go to waste: although it had only 23,000 miles on the clock, it’d spent several years outside, rusting away. Ric spent the next seven months working on the bike, doing all the restoration and modifications himself—apart from the new seat and tail unit, which are aftermarket items. The exhaust system uses GL1200 headers feeding into Harley-Davidson mufflers but the paint scheme and logos are Ric’s own designs. Ric’s bike is now the front-runner for the Bike of the Year competition at the Naked Gold Wings club forum: you can see the build in more detail on this thread.

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