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View DetailsBRAND NEW set of 8 clutch plates made by BARRACUDA BIKE PARTS that fits all 1975-1979 GL1000. But now I’m starting to wonder if the next trend will be repurposed old sleds like the Honda Gold Wing. One of the rare models with the emergency kickstart (has the kickstart lever as well!) This has been a project I have been working on for the last couple of years.
Here’s one built by Texas-based Ric Becker, who sells and restores tandem bicycles for a living.
It has aftermarket exhaust (correct for the era), but I have the original exhaust system which is in good shape.

It arrived at his door as a gift from a customer who didn’t want to see the bike go to waste: although it had only 23,000 miles on the clock, it’d spent several years outside, rusting away.
Ric spent the next seven months working on the bike, doing all the restoration and modifications himself—apart from the new seat and tail unit, which are aftermarket items. Since I have done all this work the bike has been ridden once, last Summer, with a 1 day permit. The exhaust system uses GL1200 headers feeding into Harley-Davidson mufflers but the paint scheme and logos are Ric’s own designs. The gas tank needs replacing (I have a clean replacement for it) and one of the gauges needs replacing as the glass is broken ( I also have that as well).

Ric’s bike is now the front-runner for the Bike of the Year competition at the Naked Gold Wings club forum: you can see the build in more detail on this thread. This bike qualifies for Collector status (cheap insurance) and also qualifies for Vintage status!

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