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When running reports (not searches) in NetSuite, there are a few date-related settings that may determine what information you see in your reports.  It’s important to understand the impact of these settings to ensure that you are not unknowingly running a report that is inaccurate. By default, this is set to Financials Only, which means that you will only have Periods to choose from on the Financial (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow statement) Reports while other reports will be date-based.  Changing this setting to Never means even financial statements will be date based.
If you know for a fact that you’ve never had your Allow Transaction Date Outside of Posting Period set to anything other than “Disallow,” then you shouldn’t have to worry about this risk as your reports should always be the same, regardless of whether or not you run them by period or date.
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Long Description:  Optional field, however, it is recommended that a meaningful description be entered as it appears on the “Find an Existing Value” search page and on other inquiry pages.
Journal Status: If the journal contains errors, you can click the status to go directly to the Journal Entry - Error page. Budget Status: Click this link if the budget status is Error or Valid (with warning), to access the Commitment Control page, where you can view the error or warning messages.

Intercompany transactions are transactions that occur between two related legal entities in an enterprise or between groups in the same legal entity. This setting, if set to “Allow” or “Warn,” will allow users to post a transaction in a calendar month that is different than the Posting Period.
That said, the Report by Period setting will still have an effect on what reporting options are available to you, which will be covered in Part 2. See guidelines and procedures for journal attachments in PS Financials Training Guide named: "Journal Attachments". You can also flag the journal to make it pass budget checking, even though it exceeds the budgeted amount. Examples of processing rules that can be set for a transaction type are transactions that require invoice and transactions that must be auto approved or manually approved. Intercompany transactions can be identified and eliminated by the use of specific accounts to book these transactions.

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Defining these accounts allows you to book transactions that are identified as intercompany transactions in the specific accounts. For Intercompany transaction you can main separate Calendar if not entered it will refer GL calendar. The values appearing there ‘intercompany’ and ‘Global Intercompany’ respectively are new seeded values in Receivables.
This results          when selecting the Budget Check Only option when processing the journal.

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