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Didn't work for M8 Just tried to use this because TiBu is having issues backing up my apps to SD because of permissions. App works but do sent help my problem The app does seem to work but it still does not allow me to move the apps to SD card on xiaomi redmi 1s running on stock 4.3 rooted Android Os. Worked Great Couldn't write to my SD card in titanium backup while running Cyanogenmod m10 on my HTC m8 ran this problem solved!
Excellent App Since I ,moved to KitKat my Titanium backup refused to backup files to the external card (not enough space in the internal memory). Move to sd card feature still not returned Rooted and installed correctly and app says the file has been modified, but when i go into my apps i can't move them to my sd card???

Oh yes I was going to copy & paste permissions from 4.3 but I downloaded FX manager which led me to this beautiful app which saved me the time of editing the permissions. All of a sudden I started getting errors when trying to update apps, download to the MicroSD and when trying to move files from internal to external SD. It should be built-in, without shortcut, or widget, because it is there, after activation it does nothing..
Got a replacement S5 and I tried this app out again to fix my problem but it doesn't work for me anymore. Ive been fighting w titanium ever since upgrading my phone u would think theyd incorporate this fix.
It Worked on my 4.4 KitKat device I had issues copying files and putting to my SD card and after doing this it works like a charm!

I have an AT&T S5 so you know all of the additional issues associated when it comes to rooting & etc. I hope to hell people learn about this and get mad and force Google to reverse this ridiculous attempt to control what we can do with our devices. I had no idea that there was a permissions problem before I decided to Flash a custom ROM and was going to do my normal backup first. They pay a clever person to create these restrictions but there are many more clever people out there who can get round them!

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