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Surveys by GL Noble Denton at the World Petroleum Congress in Doha revel the industry, while confident in its ability to meet future energy demand, acknowledges it has a continuing problem with hiring new talent. 84% of respondents to the Industry Snapshot Poll said they believed the industry would be able to meet estimates for increased global energy consumption, while 14% thought that it would not. GL Noble Denton executive Pekka Paasivaara said the results showed confidence within the sector despite current challenges.

However, the short-term outlook is choppy, with extant oil sanctions in Syrian and Iran, and the prospect of more to follow. While optimistic on the industry's ability to deliver, oil and gas industry professionals believe that the sector needs to work harder to encourage future generations to choose a career in energy. 57% of participants in GL Noble Denton's second poll said companies need to make greater efforts to demonstrate the benefits of a career in the oil and gas industry to young people.

The Industry Snapshot Poll was conducted by global independent technical advisor GL Noble Denton during the second day of the World Petroleum Congress, which is expected to have attracted more than 12,000 industry professionals from across the world.

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