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There’s got to be more of those lurking about and you’re just the guy to find them , so let the dogs loose and sniff a few more out please ! I love Gold Wing cafe racers and if it has to be a rat racer, well that just means you ain’t afraid to ride it. I’m sure there’s more here then meets the eye but this is what gives bikes and bikers a bad name!
Unusually Bikeexif and Pipeburn published the same bike simultaneously, the difference mainly being Pipeburn’s much more comprehensive coverage. It looks like it naturally deteriorated over time, versus other rat builds that I have seen where it seems they purposely ugly up a bike.  Very nice, I like it. There are many small business owners, and even huge corporations that are using their mini excavators for a LOT of projects.
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Thats it,after looking at these works of art for a couple of months now I’ve got to build one. I really really like the look of a rat, but just like others who have commented, I think it’s pathetic to style a bike that way (why not just forget about refinishing, ride it, ride it, and ride it some more until the authentic rat comes breaking through?).

Dude I really like this bike, It caught my eye after my bro and i were talking about building a bike of some sorts, I would like to know more about it and how difficult it would be to build one for myself? If there were a hundred all out customs in a parking lot + this bike I whould make a b -line toward this bike and drool on it, good job man! Ford trucks – ford truck enthusiasts forums, During the 2015 north american international auto show, the folks over at ram trucks dropped from the skies the ram rebel.
2015 honda civic hybrid overview – official site, See reviews, specs and pictures for the 2015 civic hybrid. 2015 honda civic sedan overview – official site, See pictures, reviews and specs for the 2015 civic sedan.
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Now this might polarise some of you reader types out there, but rat bikes really push our buttons. Just goes to show that a bike doesn’t have to be spit and polish to be slick as hell. As for the commenters, the difference is more striking: Practically all commenters here love the bike, and said so in very brief comments.
Sounds like you have used a mini excavator for some of the same type projects, that most of our customers use them for!

Even if we don’t recognize it as such, that challenge of overcoming adversity and uncertainty and risk with what little you brought. I am considering a similar move (miss my old Wing, need another!) but not sure how to proceed there, so that the KZ type tank fits. My question is, when you decide that the rat has reached its aesthetic peak, how do you stop it from continuing?! The idea of finding an old bike and not taking the chaos and age as a bad thing – not seeing all that history and character as something to be removed or fixed but instead as a starting point to bigger, better and grungier things strikes us as a pretty cool way to see things. Where the only thing holding it all together is what your hands klooged together (plus luck). I would love to have a bike like this, but I would hate for this to turn into a real honest-to-goodness heap in 10 years or so..
He had just bought a brand new Harley bagger and after having the Wing for so many years and putting over 40,000 miles on it, did not want to see it go to scrap. Tom asked Glen if he could scout someone who was willing to revive the bike and get a few more years of enjoyment out of it.
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