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In this demo you will learn how OpenGL rotation works and how to rotate a mesh around an arbitrary axis. Born on 86, had my first computer at the age of 8, wrote my first code at the age of 15(pascal), began to study software engineering at 2005 and graduated in 2010. I manage to get the back textured and somehow can add something to the front, but the other 4 faces are totally messed up and I'm a bit confused how the shader deals with the triangles regarding to the texture coordinates.
But whenever I try to add more coordinates it's totally creating something different I can not explain really why. To make things easier for you as a beginner, don't put vertex positions and texture coordinates into different arrays. Ok, just to clear up things, are you saying my approach is not possible or just not recommended?
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Did Professor McGonagall order that all Slytherin students leave when evacuating for the Battle of Hogwarts?
Python has a well-earned reputation for being easy to use and to learn, at least for people who have learned programming in other languages first.
One option that is often suggested as a step up from Scratch is GameMaker, which apparently is a very nice commercial system that lets kids build games. While my seven-year-old can create some effects by playing around with the patches and randomly wiring them up, the system as a whole has been too abstract for him and he doesn't get it the way he gets Scratch.
Another tool which is inspired by DrawBot and Processing, but is a separate, cross-platform project, is Winston Wolff's MakeBot.
The first tool on our tour which handles 3D is VPython (formerly Visual Python, but changed because there was already a Visual Python project, but it's good to know the history because it still starts as "import visual").

The Python Image Library (PIL) is more or less the standard tool for creating non-interactive graphics, but it has its place in interactive graphics as well.
Whether a GL light is a directional light or a spotlight depends on the w (4th) component of its position. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged c++ opengl glut or ask your own question.
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The concept of Smart Machines was introduced by Gartner in Oct 2013 and it is getting more and more attention. Which means for you, that you're dealing with 8 corner positions, but 3 different vertices at each corner, because there are meeting faces with different texture coordinates at that corner. Besides being the only tool here which works across Windows and Macintosh, MakeBot has games as the end-goal, and is specifically designed with teaching kids in mind (Winston uses it for his Lunar Repair Yard course in NYC).
I often rely on it for importing and exporting images from PyGame, and it can be used off-line for creating or manipulation graphics to use in an animation or game. Existing technologies combined with new possibilities are changing the way we live, work and do business.
But each face adjacent to that corner shows a different part of the image and hence has a different texture coordinate at that corner.
So you actually need 24 vertices that make up 6 different faces which share no vertices at all.

Winston has also started the Command Blocks project to bring some of the drag-and-drop programming ideas from Scratch into Python (and which I'm hoping to contribute to as well). It is perhaps a measure of my geekiness that I often find it easier to write a program to create or manipulate some graphics than I do to figure out how to perform the same task in Photoshop or any of the other half-dozen or so graphics programs I have at hand.
It is also used for teaching (as in the LiveWires course), and in game creation contests such as Ludum Dare and PyWeek. Dethe has been mentoring others through Ladies Learning Code, Software Carpentry, WebMaker workshops, and a course a Emily Carr University. Which is fancy words to say: You can share single attribute elements between distinct vertices. Lately NodeBox has been my tool of choice for these scripts, but I still use PIL a lot when I'm working in Linux. He created the Waterbear visual programming toolkit to make it easier for others to learn to code. It is a great environment for learning to think creatively within its constraints, but my kids also bump up against its limits pretty quickly. A while back I read on Ted and Julie Leung's respective blogs I read about Squeak: Learn Programming with Robots. So while the core languages used by both are nearly identical, they diverge quickly based on their extensions or the desired end result.

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