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Si le chapitre sur les Recherches interculturelles est le troisiA?me, de combien de faA§ons peut-on disposer les chapitres? If you have a disability and you require special testing accommodations, you are responsible to notify the test administrators well in advance of the testing date so that they can take the necessary steps to determine the appropriate accommodations for your specific needs.
Read this entire publication and be sure to complete the practice test following all of the instructions. If you want additional practice, you may wish to consult the reference sections in a local public library, or in bookstores, for preparation books on standardized tests. Try employment tests and school tests (whether or not they count for something) as well as tests, quizzes and puzzles in magazines, newspapers and quiz books. Pace yourself: Since each question is worth the same amount (1 point), you should try to do as many of the questions as you can.
Make sure the numbered space on the answer sheet matches the number of the question you are answering.
The retest period is 180 days (this means that you have to wait 180 days before taking the test again). From among the five answer choices given, select the word or phrase which best defines the word in UPPERCASE letters. For figure completion, your task is to identify the answer figure that logically completes the problem figures series. In example 3, one horizontal line is added in each successive problem figure, so the next figure in the series should contain five horizontal lines. In example 4, the square is moving in a counter clockwise movement and the circle is moving in a clockwise movement, so the next figure in the series should have a square in the upper left corner and a circle in the upper right corner.

For figure analogy questions, identify the relationship that exists between the first pair of figures and then use this information to choose the figure among the five answer choices that has the same relationship to the third figure in the question. In the above example, the second figure is a replica of the first, except that it has been rotated to the left.
In example 6, the first pair of figures show a rectangle placed over a circle and the second figure shows a rectangle placed over a circle but the colors have been inverted (the circle has become white and the rectangle is now dark) and the circle has moved upward. Therefore, the letter a€?Oa€? should be paired with the number a€?10a€? to complete the series.
If a clerk can file 100 letters in half an hour, how many letters can the person file in 2 hours?
In answering some of the analytical reasoning questions, you may find it useful to draw a diagram. The sample passage indicates that Dombrowski owns a white car and Clidewell owns a blue car. If the Cross-Cultural Research chapter is placed third, in how many ways can the book be organized?
Doing so will help you to become familiar with the GCT2 and to work at the appropriate pace. It is often a mistake to think that because the first or second answer choice looks good to you, you do not need to read the remaining choices.
While estimating the average amount of time to be spent on each question is useful, you should note that the questions on the test are increasingly more difficult toward the end and, therefore, may require more time to solve. Remember that if you skip a question you must also skip the corresponding answer space on the answer sheet.

Re-read those questions you weren't sure about in the first place and double check your answers. Therefore, your task would be to select the answer choice that resembles the third figure in the question, but rotated to the left as well. Find the rule that has been used to produce this series; then use this rule to select the item (either a number or letter) which would follow at the end. The only other people mentioned in the passage are Barnes and Amy, so they must be the owners of the red and the green cars. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. This is also a good time to check your answer sheet to make sure you have recorded your answers correctly. If you are happy with your results and decide not to rewrite, your score on the GCT2 is valid indefinitely.
Also, information contained in one question (or its answer choices) should not be used to answer other questions.

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