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3 Section A: Modern prose or drama Answer one question from this section on the text you have studied. 4 William Golding: Lord of the FliesEITHERQuestion 3 0 3 What do you think is the importance of Jack in Lord of the Flies and how does Golding present him? 5 Susan Hill: The Woman in BlackEITHERQuestion 7 0 7 How does Hill create a sense of isolation in the novel? 6 Dylan Thomas: Under Milk WoodEITHERQuestion 11 1 1 “Men are brutes on the quiet” says the Fourth Woman. 7 Diane Samuels: KindertransportEITHERQuestion 15 1 5 Remind yourself of the ?nal section of the play, from the stage direction ‘Helga embraces Eva who stands stock still’.
8 Dennis Kelly: DNAEITHERQuestion 19 1 9 Phil and Leah are both involved in violent and unpleasant actions which change them. 9 Section B: Exploring cultures Answer one question from this section on the text you have studied. 10 Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Purple HibiscusORQuestion 22 2 2 Read the passage and then answer part (a) and part (b).
11 Lloyd Jones: Mister PipORQuestion 23 2 3 Read the passage and then answer part (a) and part (b).
12 Harper Lee: To Kill a MockingbirdORQuestion 24 2 4 Read the passage and then answer part (a) and part (b). Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
We also have Bitesize study guides covering many subjects at National 4 and National 5 on our Knowledge & Learning BETA website. Exam questions on this topic will sometimes involve one of the above, sometimes two of them, but never all three at the same time. The curves continue all the way along the x-axis but the part between 0 and 360 is the basic shape which repeats itself again and again.

Practise drawing that part for each of the curves, marking in -1 and 1 on the y-axis and 0, 90, 180, 270 and 360 on the x-axis.
You should work out a minimum of 3 points for a straight-line graph, in case one of them is wrong.Now practise drawing some more graphs in the activity below. When we got the next edition of the Standard, I knew it would have Nwankiti Ogechi on its cover. Passage removed for copyright reasons Part (a) (a) How does Jones use details in this passage to show the attitudes of Matilda’s mother? Anthology: Sunlight on the GrassEITHERQuestion 1 0 1 Answer part (a) and part (b) Part (a) Write about the ways Baines presents the relationship between the boy and his father in Compass and Torch. John Steinbeck: Of Mice and MenEITHERQuestion 21 2 1 Read the passage and then answer part (a) and part (b). No economic fluctuations changed their status – people like the Ewells lived as guests of the county in prosperity as well as in the depths of a depression. What does the writer achieve by choosing to convey important events to the audience in this way? No truant officers could keep their numerous offspring in school; no public health officer could free them from congenital defects, various worms, and the diseases indigenous to filthy surroundings.
Instead, it is transferred into the surroundings and spreads out so much that it becomes very difficult to do anything useful with it.Electric lampsOrdinary electric lamps contain a thin metal filament that glows when electricity passes through it. Priestley: An Inspector CallsEITHERQuestion 17 1 7 How does Priestley show that tension is at the heart of the Birling family?
And then they poured acid on his body to melt his ?esh off his bones, to kill him even when he was already dead. However, most of the electrical energy is transferred as heat energy instead of light energy. During family time, while Papa and I played chess, Papa winning, we heard on the radio that Nigeria had been suspended from the Commonwealth because of the murder, that Canada and Holland were recalling their ambassadors in protest. The cabin’s plank walls were supplemented with sheets of corrugated iron, its roof shingled with tin cans hammered flat, so only its general shape suggested its original design: square, with four tiny rooms opening on to a shotgun hall, the cabin rested uneasily upon four irregular lumps of limestone.

This is the Sankey diagram for a typical filament lamp.Sankey diagram for a filament lampModern energy-saving lamps work in a different way.
While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. The newscaster read a small portion of the press release from the Canadian government, which referred to Nwankiti Ogechi as “a man of honor.” Papa looked up from the board and said, “It was coming to this. Its windows were merely open spaces in the walls, which in the summertime were covered with greasy strips of cheesecloth to keep out the varmints that feasted on Maycomb’s refuse. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.
I knew it would come to this.” Some men arrived just after we had dinner, and I heard Sisi tell Papa that they said they were from the Democratic Coalition.
The varmints had a lean time of it, for the Ewells gave the dump a thorough gleaning every day, and the fruits of their industry (those that were not eaten) made the plot of ground around the cabin look like the playhouse of an insane child: what passed for a fence was bits of tree-limbs, broomsticks and tool shafts, all tipped with rusty hammer-heads, snaggle-toothed rake heads, shovels, axes and grubbing hoes, held on with pieces of barbed wire. They stayed on the patio with Papa, and even though I tried to, I could not hear their conversation. Enclosed by this barricade was a dirty yard containing the remains of a Model-T Ford (on blocks), a discarded dentist’s chair, an ancient ice-box, plus lesser items: old shoes, worn-out table radios, picture-frames, and fruit jars, under which scrawny orange chickens pecked hopefully.
Against the fence, in a line, were six chipped-enamel slop jars holding brilliant red geraniums, cared for as tenderly as if they belonged to Miss Maudie Atkinson, had Miss Maudie deigned to permit a geranium on her premises.
Part (a) (a) How does Lee use details in this passage to present the position of the Ewells in Maycomb society?
She looked scared when she talked, and I wanted to pat her shoulder and tell her Papa would be ?ne. Part (a) (a) How does Adichie use details in this passage to show the difficult political situation in Nigeria?

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