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Data provided by the DFE, in response to a request from ACERT, suggests that the gap between Gypsies and other pupils at GCSE is beginning to close, but that Irish Traveller achievement at 16 is flat-lining.
Phil Walker studied a BA (Hons) degree in Theatre Design and graduated in 1984, he then became a Freelance Designer and Scenic Artist producing sets for the Theatre Royal and the West End. Amy-Jo Smith has successful completed three A Levels in Fine Art A*, Photography A* and Media Studies C. The Art Department has four well equipped art studios, a screen print studio and a large darkroom with studio lighting.
Homework is set in a set of three over three weeks, each lesson the students bring the homework in for help and review, then submit it every third week for marking.
For GCSE there are two projects that make up the coursework portfolio (Worth 60% of the overall grade).
Homework is set on a two weekly basis and students are given a prepared sheet in advance with the tasks for the term. In Year 10 the second project will be completed and this is a multi-cultural based unit and aims to raise students’ awareness of other cultures, global issues and to create artwork that communicates meanings and messages. At the start of Year 11, students complete the rest of their multi-cultural project and after Christmas students are given the final exam paper. Students’ complete a portfolio of work and at the end of the two years there is a final 10 hour exam. Let’s start with primary school SATs, of which Key Stage 2 (KS2), taken at age 11, is the most interesting. Gender bias in favour of girls by primary school teachers has already been reported in the USA, Ref.[3].
We extend the analysis of early-emerging gender differences in academic achievement to include both (objective) test scores and (subjective) teacher assessments. Simply put, the gender disparity in this US study is largely, and in some cases entirely, due to boys being marked down for not being girls. Further independent support for the contention that boys’ underperformance at GCSE may be largely a result of the nature of these awards is obtained from the OECD 2006 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) study. The gender gap apparent at GCSE may be the major reason for the subsequent gender gaps at A-level and university. One mechanism by which this occurs is that better performance at GCSE naturally leads to a greater percentage of pupils remaining in full time education post-16. However, it is not only in numbers that women are outstripping men, it is also in terms of performance at A-level.
In other words, the gender disparity at A level may also be due in part to the particulars of the award process.
It is desperately distressing that despite this near-universal educational disadvantage of males, there is no effective action being taken to combat it.
So, despite the educational disadvantage of males, only one thing has been done and that is aimed primarily at further promoting the advantage of women.
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Child Abuse that ought to have every parent apoplectic with anger and vocal with complaint that this has been done to their children. Yet the media have been mostly silent, and the authorities mostly complicit in this grotesque calumny. I refer not to the actions of one deranged fruitcake, bad though that may be, but the systematic, institutionalised, pre-planed, legal, officially approved abuse of the politicised educational apparatchik, en masse. Because children can’t fight back or resist or even realise what is being done to them, or how they are being cynically used as helpless canon fodder in a war of ruthless pursuit of power that is quite happy to squander and throwaway their futures. One day they will realise what has happened to them, and there is likely to be a terrible reckoning, for when you destabilise society in such an egregious way the precise results are likely to be difficult to predict.
Is there perhaps the teensiest clue in that word of where these people are coming from and what their agenda is – waddiya The really grievously unforgivable aspect of this is that it is Child Abuse. Is there perhaps the teensiest clue in that word of where these people are coming from and what their agenda is – waddiya think ? This is a very, very serious situation and I have been saying for some time that there is now a desperate need for single-sex schools.
As to working your comments about men-only industries, socialising in male spaces, or travelling on segregated transport, I think perhaps you are taking things a bit far.
And, in the work environment, there are certain work areas that are traditionally male, as there are those that are traditionally female.
I sense that a lot of what you are saying is based on views whose underlying premises are themselves open to dispute. And, I wonder, given the enormous difficulties that are undoubtedly preventing men entering teaching, how you feel more men teachers are going to be able to enter teaching? And, finally, I have to say I think there is also a very good case to be made for men-only colleges and universities too. I realise we are coming from different angles on this and we would probably never be able to agree.
There was a time only a few decades ago when it was perfectly normal to have single sex schools. Franky, I take serious issue with those who think that sex co-education as a means of achieving socialisation is as important as academic knowledge, and even a valid means of achieving better relationships between men and women. I confront head on the notion that socialisation can only be achieved by mixing boys and girls at school, Apart from the fact that socialisation of boys with boys, and girls with girls, is also socialisation, I happen to believe that socialisation happens outside of school anyway, and it comes from within the family – the true social unit. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Pupils of Chinese and Indian origins had the highest proportions achieving 5 or more A*-C grades at GCSE or equivalent including English and mathematics GCSEs. Both these figures must also be read in the context of significant drop-out throughout the secondary phase and the substantial number of Gypsies, Roma and Travellers who change their ethnic identification.

She then became an Artist in Residence in North Wales 1996 – 1998 before becoming a full time teacher of Art & Design.
She is currently studying an FdA in Digital Media and hopes to complete her degree qualification in illustration. Students start the course with a project called, “About me” which is based on portraiture and basic drawing and painting skills are covered in this project e.g. Students start the first project by revisiting their drawing skills in order to consolidate them and will use their drawing to look at objects in a different way. The first project is completed in Year 9 and part of Year 10 this is based on The Sea, Plumage, Decay or Natural forms. From then onwards, in lessons and at home preparation work is completed in sketchbooks for the exam (worth 40% of the overall grade). Is it really a trouble with boys, or instead a trouble with teachers or a biased pedagogy?  Some simple research is presented here which reveals interesting features in UK educational attainment data which are not conveyed by accounts of the issue in the media.
The 2013 KS2 SATs results for all schools in England can be downloaded in Excel format from Ref.[1]. The proportion of girls placed in the higher attainment levels (5 and 6) was over-estimated by the teachers (relative to that for boys), and the proportion of girls in the lower attainment levels (3 and 4) was under-estimated. Figure 2, below, shows the teacher bias for each year from 2007, in the form of attainment at or above level 4, or at or above level 5. The adoption of GCSEs also brought the introduction of coursework and continuous assessment for the first time.
Boys did better than girls on these PISA tests in both science and maths, though doing less well than girls in GCSEs in these same subjects taken just a few months later. What is more, there are strong indications that the nature of the GCSE assessment (and the nature of the teaching and curriculum that feed it) is part of the reason for the relatively poor performance of boys“.
In almost every subject women outperform men as regards the percentage attaining an A grade, the difference being up to ~10% (Ref.[4]). Male students performed significantly better on the SAT Mathematics component and on the SAT as a whole. The annual number of women graduates now exceeds the annual number of men graduates by 32% (2012 graduates were 43% men and 57% women). Of these, the London Engineering Project intends to widen and significantly increase participation in engineering in higher education for four target groups: women, minority ethnic students, students from families where there is no experience of higher education, and adult learners.
It works slowly and silently, like yeast in bread, relentlessly changing society to its Marxist dogma by infiltration of the key organs of state and society. Fathers have been emasculated and removed from the social scene (custody in divorce etc.) and institutionally vilified as a social entity at the hands of feminists who have colonised the places of power in our entire social system.
Fathers would have been banging the desk of the head teacher demanding to know what the hell was going in with their son’s education. Her research is based on the States and I think things are even more extreme over there – but there is loads from it which can be very usefully learnt and applied. We found that there was a relationship – those boys who had a more of a traditional male breadwinner concept were more interested and motivated in their work. What is going on in education is an abomination, and the comment you quote from the respondent to the Times Higher Education discussion is chilling. I suggest that they could be better balanced as boys, soon to be men, by being mentored by men teachers, rather than develop in what amounts to a highly (almost totally) feminised school environment in which their boyish boisterousness is pathologised as ‘a problem’ by an essentially female culture. IMHO, if you invade someone’s space, forcing them to accept a situation they may not want, they will do one of two things: either resist, causing friction, or withdraw, causing alienation. And, if they did, how would they be able to operate in the highly feminised profession that teaching has now become? Especially in the light of the fact that they too are now heavily feminised, and the toxic culture of campuses today in which young men are highly exposed to false allegations of rape and sexual assault. If we look at Rick’s graph we can a parallel with this in the marked emergence of better academic achievement in girls. It is a matter of education, but it doesn’t have to be concomitant with formal education.
1:27pm, 17th July 2016For those of us not in Spain, here is a look at the weather between now and the end of the week.
Amy-Jo is a vital member of the team with experience in illustration, photography, digital media, screen Printing and film. Projects include Pop Art first looking at popular culture and media and the student may look at artists such as Keith Haring, Wayne Thiebaud, and Andy Warhol etc.
Students start the course by again revisiting and practicing their drawing skills and careful studies of actual items are made using a range of drawing media and techniques. The work is marked on a mark sheet in the back of the sketchbook with a grade and suggestions for improvement are given, students will be given time at the end of each term to go back and make those suggested improvements. Students will produce a final outcome which shows the links between the different artists researched throughout the project.
The work is marked on a mark sheet in the back of the sketchbook with a grade and suggestions for improvement are given.
Students will also develop and master skills in photography, clay, glass, sculpture, wire work, textiles, printmaking and mixed-media. This is defined as attentiveness, task persistence, eagerness to learn, learning independence, flexibility and organization.
However, boys in all racial categories across all subject areas are not represented in grade distributions where their test scores would predict.
It shows the percentage of the cohort, by gender, achieving 5 or more grade A-C GCSE passes, or O-level passes, against year from 1962 to 2006.
By the same reasoning, the better GCSE performance by the girls would be expected to lead to more girls remaining in full time education post-16 than boys.
Even in physics, that bastion of maleness, women outperform men as regards the percentage of candidates attaining an A grade – by 8%.

There were gender differences in the relationships between SAT scores and A level grades in favour of male students“.
It seems to be the case that in the US ways of learning which suit boys really well are actively discouraged and prevented and I am sure that happens a lot here too.
Equality is not women being everywhere (anymore than men being everywhere), but that is the direction of travel. Again, the drive to have as many women as men in what amounts to essentially men’s work (by choice or aptitude, it doesn’t really matter why) is nothing less than an attempt at social engineering, which is changing things for the sake of changing things. Students are also introduced to a range of artists and will produce a final piece of 2D work inspired by the work of one or more of these artists.
Students will then go on to research the work of other artists and research images of both on a carefully controlled mood board. All work for both projects is finalised and submitted for final marking at the end of April. In Year 13 students are encouraged to work on a larger scale and also in a more individual way. Results for the whole of England are expressed in the form of the percentage of the cohort attaining a given SAT level. Based on test scores alone, girls outperform boys in literacy skills, whilst boys outperform girls in maths.
Moreover, since teachers mark the coursework, this provided the opportunity for the first time for teacher bias to influence the attainment of candidates taking these exams. This is indeed the case, the participation fraction being 72% and 82% for males and females respectively (2005 data, Ref.[4]). However, just as with KS2 SATs and GCSEs, there are some indications that gender bias exists also within the A-level process.
And, I see no reason why men should not teach boys socialisation, and social skills apart from any female presence or input. Students will learn about different artist influences and techniques and respond to this on a lesson by lesson basis, producing an outcome in a different media each week. This will then develop into a design for a larger mixed-media 3D sculpture or mixed-media 2D final piece, using their research, mood board and a range of materials and techniques.
Artist research is integrated into the projects through homework which is on a weekly basis. In two subjects, reading and maths, SAT results are given both for tests and also for teachers’ assessments.
Nevertheless, it is concerning that a teacher gender bias is so readily apparent in the data. For some specifications there is evidence of a grade “bonus” for white boys with test scores and behaviour like their girl counterparts. It is not possible from the data to determine if teacher bias plays a part in the origin of the gender gap in these examinations of 16 year olds. Current graduate figures suggest that in the near future we can expect ~60% or more of doctors, lawyers and journalists to be women, and ~77% of vets and teachers to be women (the latter being virtually the case already).
Put it in cold water and slowly heat it up, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.
And, what about nursing: a steadfastly female profession that men are not hammering on the door to enter? Tonal drawing, painting skills are extended and scraffito, wire sculpture and collage is built into the project.
By subtracting the test result from the teacher assessment, say for girls, a measure of teacher error for the girls is obtained.
It is apposite to recall that 86% of primary school teachers in England are women, as are 96% of teaching assistants (Ref.[2]). However, the coincidence between the timing of the start of the gender gap and the introduction of GCSEs, shown in Figure 3, taken together with the evidence of teacher bias in favour of girls at KS2, is sufficient cause for real concern. Women postgraduates outnumber men postgraduates by nearly 60% (the participation rates being 11% and 7% respectively).
In some cases students will have the opportunity to link this unit of work with the first unit studied and select the best for moderation at the end of Year 11.
Whilst this is not usually admitted, many people suspect that secondary schools use the KS2 SAT results as the basis of their initial streaming. University staff in the UK are 54% women and this dominance by women is likely to increase considerably in view of the female:male postgraduate ratio. Students will draw from natural objects and understand how artists have been inspired by them in their work.
This is often linked with the individual student and a more personal response is encouraged. All students will be encouraged to select their best work in order to achieve the best possible outcome.
Consequently it is possible that the teacher assessments have a bearing on a pupil’s subsequent advantage or disadvantage at secondary school. The project may be individual or collaborative and could involve clay, card, block printing techniques, drawing, painting and mixed-media.
The final project is landscape inspired, in particular Cornish landscape, and where possible students go outside to draw (in the summer term!). They learn about how artists have used the environment to inform their work and produce a piece of 2D work as a development from their research.

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