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Although sturdy and highly maneuverable,[1] it was under-powered and weakly armed when compared to its contemporaries.
In 1934, the Service Technique Aeronautique (Aeronautical Technical Service) of the Armee de l'Air issued a requirement for a new and completely modern single-seat fighter (referred to as a C1 design), with a monoplane layout and retracting landing gear.
While the 406s were entering service in 1939, an upgrade series was started to improve the design. Pre-production started with a run of eight aircraft from EKW with engines built by Adolph Saurer AG driving a new Escher-Wyss EW-V3 fully adjustable propeller. During 1944, surviving aircraft were modified with new cooling and hydraulic installations, and were fitted with ejector exhausts. The Swiss continued development of the MS.412 when French involvement stopped following the June 1940 Armistice. The aircraft designer Aarne Lakomaa turned the obsolete "M-S" into a first rate fighter, the Morko-Morane (Finnish for Bogey or Ogre Morane), sometimes referred to as the "LaGG-Morane".
In late 1930s a war with Germany was clearly looming, and the Armee de l'Air placed an order for 1,000 airframes in March 1938. By April 1939, the production lines were delivering six aircraft a day, and when the war opened on 3 September 1939, production was at 11 a day with 535 in service. The MS 406 equipped 16 Groupes de Chasse and three Escadrilles in France and overseas, and 12 of the Groupes saw action against the Luftwaffe.
Before the Pacific campaign proper, Vichy authorities in French Indochina were engaged in a frontier war against Thailand, during 1940-41. Polish Air Force ordered 160 aircraft, but none [21] were delivered, due to the fall of Poland.
Turkish Air Force received 45 Moranes.[21] At least 30 of them were originally intended for shipment to Poland and had Polish stencilling. Morane-Saulnier — Das Unternehmen Morane Saulnier war ein franzosischer Flugzeughersteller. Information identified as archived on the Web is for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes.
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Numerically it was France's most important fighter during the opening stages of World War II.
Most critically, it was out-performed by the Messerschmitt Bf 109E during the Battle of France. The two main changes were the inclusion of a new wing structure which saved weight, and a retractable radiator under the fuselage. Production was allowed to continue under German supervision, converting earlier 406s to the 410 standard, but many of these received only the new wings. Instruments were replaced with Swiss versions and the drum-fed MAC machine guns with locally designed and built belt-fed guns, so eliminating the wing-bulges of the French version, and avoiding the freezing problems encountered by French guns.
These modifications were the same standard as the D-3801 series, making them identical with the exception of the engine installation. By this point, the fighters were hopelessly outdated, but the Finns were so desperate for serviceable aircraft that they decided to start a modification program to bring all of their examples to a new standard. More fighters arrived from the factory, though, and the Morko-Moranes took part in the Lapland War as reconnaissance and ground attack aircraft. Morane-Saulnier was unable to produce anywhere near this number at their own factory, so a second line was set up at the nationalized factories of SNCAO at St.
The aircraft was very manoeuvrable and could withstand heavy battle damage, but was outclassed by the Bf 109 and losses were heavy (150 aircraft lost in action and 250-300 lost through other causes). In February 1940 the first 30 French fighters were allocated to LeLv 28, commanded by Major Jusu. Deutsche Luftwaffe uber der Schweiz 1939-1945 (German Luftwaffe over Switzerland 1939-1945) (in German). Zahlenma?ig war es der wichtigste Jager der franzosischen Luftwaffe zu Beginn des Zweiten Weltkrieges. Gegrundet wurde das Unternehmen unter dem Namen Societe Anonyme des Aeroplanes Morane Saulnier am 10.

Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. Not all the Morko-Morane conversions were completed before March 1945, when the entire re-engining programme was halted.[12] After the end of the war, the total was brought to 41, which served as advanced trainers with TLeLv 14 until September 1948.
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The type was more successful in the hands of Finnish and Swiss air forces who developed indigenous models.
The pre-production models were then followed with an order for a further 74 examples, which were all delivered by 29 August 1940.
Another 17 were built from spares between 1947 and 1948.[7] Reliability of the new engine was at first extremely poor, with problems with crankshaft bearings causing several accidents. The performance was impressive, but the last development of this 1935 fighter design had several shortcomings and was not entirely successful. Those still in French hands saw action in Syria against the RAF, and on Madagascar against the Fleet Air Arm.
Morane-Saulnier had a long history of producing warplanes dating back to pre-World War I years but in the inter-war period, they had concentrated on civil designs. The engine problems slowed deliveries, with only 16 aircraft produced in 1942 and a single aircraft delivered in 1943. However, supplies of the MG 151 were limited, and several received captured 12.7mm Berezin UBS guns instead. Deliveries were hampered more by the slow deliveries of the engines than by lack of airframes. The aircraft was a departure for them, being their first low-wing monoplane, first aircraft with an enclosed cockpit, and their first design with retracting landing gear.

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