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GC Fuji II LC CORE Material is a triple-cured, resin reinforced glass ionomer crown and core build-up material. During the manufacturing process tri-calcium phosphate is mixed with a foam that gets hard and then is milled into tiny pieces. When used as toothpaste the saliva, and brushing breaks down the tri-calcium phosphate’s protective barrier and becomes available for the tooth to absorb. The above is paraphrased right from their website, and clinical literature provided by their representative. They claim that when remineralizing the white spot lesions of a tooth that too much fluoride can actually get in the way. Active ingredient is 1.1% sodium fluoride, with inactive glycerine, polyethylene glycol, calcium sodiumphosphosilicate (NovaMin), silica, sodium lauryl sulfate. NovaMin is made up of calcium, sodium, phosphorus, and silica to make a chemical compound named calcium sodiumphosphosilicate.
This product has no special claims other than significant remineralization of root caries in as little as three months (38%) and six months (57%). 3. The Effects of Casein-Phosphopeptide-Amorphous-Calcium-Phosphate Paste on Plaque Calcium and Phosphate.
4. Dentine Bonding Following Casein Phosphopeptide Amorphous Calcium Phosphate Paste ApplicationO.

9. SEM evaluation of casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate-treated and conditioned enamel. 10. Resin Bonding to Dentine After Casein Phosphopeptide-Amorphous Calcium Phosphate TreatmentsV.
The last abstracts from the IADR explains that MI paste (or tooth mousse) is not water soluble and it stays in the mouth for 3 hours.
Saw an article comparing the toothpaste brands and i became a bit puzzled by 3M’s Clinpro 5000 and the Topex Renew.
But for Topex Renew the idea that the fluoride interacts with the calcium in the tube is ALSO a problem because in time wouldnt they start to become calcium flouride which is not as usable in the mouth (less soluable).
Does anyone know of a dentist who is actually using any of these products instead of just filling?
When you read these studies you can come away with the sense that dentistry is all about drilling and filling. Red Rock crab: Brick red in colour, white underneath, claws have black tips, reach a maximum size of 16 centimetres. Projecting from between the shells on the flat side is a bundle of tough, brown byssal threads, used to anchor the mussel to hard surfaces. California mussel: found on rocky shores, grows up to 25 cm in length, has raised radial ribs on shell.
Except as specifically provided in this Agreement, the Licensed Material may not be shared or copied for example by including it in a disc library, image storage jukebox, network configuration or other similar arrangement. This material is well suited for use as a base under composite resin and amalgam, or as a temporary restorative.

My poor Atlanta Dental Rep is trying his darnedest to help our office figure out which product we want to go with in our office.
That might be ok if you are wanting to keep some other ingredient close to the tooth but would it even be in contact with the surface if you are renewing the glycerin each time you brush? Upon download of any film Licensed Material, you will be invoiced a non-refundable access service fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150) USD or such other local currency amount as Getty Images may apply from time to time. Once you license a royalty-free product, you may use it multiple times for multiple projects without paying additional fees. The Licensed Material may only be used in materials for personal, noncommercial use and test or sample use, including comps and layouts. If Licensed Material featuring a person is used (i) in a manner that implies endorsement, use of or a connection to a product or service by that model; or (ii) in connection with a potentially unflattering or controversial subject, you must print a statement that indicates that the person is a model and is used for illustrative purposes only.
Create your slideshowBy using the code above and embedding this image, you consent to Getty Images' Terms of Use. It is very confusing for us as dental professionals and it is very confusing for our patients.

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