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Child Dental Care is one of the essential things as far as the Preventive Dentistry is concerned. In the later stages of life, most of the people face dental issues due to loss of teeth, dentures, etc., and in some cases managing oral hygiene becomes a tough task mainly because of other health issues though there are no dental issues.
Hence, it is very essential to learn about the preventive dentistry especially when you do not want to invite any dental issues that you may avoid. However, to put it in general terms, Preventive Dentistry is a process of maintaining oral hygiene and dental health so as to prevent any kind of dental problems. Every parent should consider visiting a dentist during early stages of growing new teeth of your child.

If you have any questions about the procedures involved in preventive dentistry or would like to book an appointment with a Dentist in Singapore – please call the number below & one of our friendly staff would be glad to help. Preventive Dentistry is not just for those who show up any symptoms of possible dental issues but for everyone who has teeth.
Domestic Dentistry involves oral hygiene you maintain at home like regular brushing, flossing, mouth wash after eating anything specially sweets etc., this helps you reduce the chances of having many dental issues. This is important because both the child a parents as well needs counseling on how to effectively prevent dental issues which are more likely during the childhood. The other type that is performed by the dentist like normal cleaning and polishing sessions, fluoride therapy, GC Tooth Mousse application or the provision of fissure sealants.

It is strongly advised by many dentists to schedule a visit to your dentist in a regular basis for dental exams just to be on a safer side.

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