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GC-Prevue addresses a small group of users that are on the lookout for a professional application software that does not present a price tag. Back in the days of the first PCBs, the unit were developed manually, with only a handful of people working on them to provide the artwork that required a steady hand as well as the knowledge. Once the design is done using a specialized piece of software, it can be plotted to actual boards. All in all, the GC-Prevue computer program can only help out users in need of such software without having to check their pockets first.
As an EMC consultant, I have a constant need to review other company's PC board layouts during my design reviews. When you send off your latest PCB design to a PCB fabrication shop you'll typically send Gerber files.
Some of the problems listed above might be fixable but I could only spend so much time on each product. GC-Prevue is fast, you can import multiple Gerber files or zip files, and it has a lot of features including the ability to merge Gerber files graphically! Gerber files are essentially independent views, taken a layer at a time, with information on such aspects as board outline, apertures and test points being kept as separate files, so that it becomes difficult to check layers in relation to each other or to get an overall perspective of the design. GC-Prevue is widely used in the electronics industry for viewing and printing electronic manufacturing data, and reads all common formats, including Gerber-X (RS-274X), Gerber-D (RS-274D), and the languages used for NC drilling machines. Job files prepared using GC-Prevue can be saved in the .gwk format, which integrates all the circuit, solder mask and solder paste layer data, aperture tables (including custom aperture shapes) and drill information that is needed to make a board. This document is intended only as a guide to help you download GC-Prevue, open and prepare assignment files and carry out basic tasks, and the program is not supported by the AMI software team.
The description of the installation procedure assumes that you have Administrator privileges on your computer.
It is possible for different revisions of the software to co-exist on a computer, which may lead to some unexpected results!
Shortly afterwards you will receive a Welcome e-mail from Graphicode, but the email contains no registration information and is not part of the installation process.
The next part of the Wizard allows you to specify the destination of the GC-Prevue application. Go to the directory where you have the zipped file (in this case, 4945_ass_02_Gerbers.zip).
Compare the file list with the manifest (in the read_me.txt file) and uncheck any items (usually text files) that have been incorrectly identified, and then click OK. The recommended preparatory work is to identify each layer and reorder the layers to represent the physical stack-up.

Once the assignment files are imported into GC-Prevue and have been properly identified and annotated, you will need to be able to view individual layers, zoom and pan to specific areas on the board, and measure distances between points on the board. If you highlight the Physical Layers directory icon, you can use either method to edit, view or hide all layers simultaneously.
Zoom In moves the focus in to a rectangle that was drawn by holding down the left-click mouse button and dragging.
Zoom to Window opens another Graphical Viewer window that duplicates the focus of the current window.
Zoom Previous returns the focus of the Graphical Viewer to the most recent zoom, if there was one. Zoom Out moves the focus of the Graphical Viewer out on the board by a factor of roughly double. 3: Move the Windows-style sliders at the bottom and right of the main window as in standard Windows applications.
There is no automated feature measurement process in GC-Prevue, but you can measure the distance between two points on a board.
If the two features are symmetric pads, you can get a more accurate measurement using the snap facility. To measure the distance between the edges of the pads, display the feature dimensions by placing the cross-hair over each feature, and looking at the Status Bar at the bottom of the Graphical Viewer. Even we just looking at one makes you wonder why does it have a specific layout and what are those piece soldered on it. As automation has evolved drastically through the years, so the process of designing PCBs and generate them swapped to computers and robots.
GC-Prevue is not the type of application, it can only serve as an advanced viewer, while also helping you with additional tools for quick and easy design data verification as well as PCB design measurement checking.
While there are some other applications in the same category with GC-Prevue such as ExpressPCB, DIY Layout Creator or ExpressSCH, they surely do not surpass the quality of GC-Prevue as a whole.
Often, I can perform the review right on the client's premises, but I also can perform the reviews remotely from the home office, which saves the client money. Pictures, source code, circuit diagrams, ideas, thoughts, drawings, sketches and real-life goofups. You probably want to perform a final proof-read of your design, so you'll need a Gerber file viewer to view your files graphically. Whilst cut down, GC-Prevue is not a toy, but a real program that is very useful for verifying CAD data before photoplotting and fabrication, and for adding annotations to layers in order to assist the flow of information.
Access the Download page: Choose Download GC-Prevue by clicking where indicated at the bottom of the page, fill in the registration form, and press Download.

In this case the resulting imported board has 20 layers (designated P1 to P20 in the GC Explorer frame). It is much easier to analyse data if layers have been identified with their type (silkscreen, copper, etc.) and layer number, and have been arranged in stack-up order.
Click on the option you want for each layer and when finished move the mouse over the board image area. When you have changed the status of all required layers, move the mouse to the board image area to see your changes. If your mouse is equipped with a small wheel between the two buttons, pushing the wheel towards the front of the mouse (wire side) zooms toward the board, whilst pulling the wheel backward zooms away from the board. Many times, even if you have a bit of know-how when it comes to physics, you may not fully understand one or two aspects out of many.
These board layout files are usually saved in multiple file formats using many common CAD design tools, such as Mentor, Altium and others. It is also fully featured, displays correctly and doesn't appear to have commercial use restrictions.
Also, although GC-Prevue has no means of automatic checking for compliance with design rules, it can be used as a tool for manual checking.
The Import feature in the File menu allows separate data files to be selected and imported, but (more usefully) will also import files within a zip file directly into GC-Prevue, recognising readable file types and automatically loading the data files. A similar dialogue box will appear applying tool tables to each file for the import process.
To move a layer, click on the physical layer in GC Explorer and, with the mouse button still depressed, drag to the required position. Note that, when you change the status of a layer in GC Explorer, the view of the board won’t change until you move the mouse over the board image area. In both cases, the zoom changes by a factor of roughly 2:1 for each click, and the cross-hair will appear at the centre of the new viewing area.
Fortunately, most vendors of board design software also provide free "viewers" that will allow the display of color-coded individual or multiple layers of the traces and planes.
Most of these viewers are designed to run on a PC, but I found one that will run on the Mac platform, which I prefer using. Their "Pro" version costs $195, but I found it very non-intuitive to use, preferring some of the more fully featured and easier to use free PC viewers.So, have you used any of these viewers?

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