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Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged java garbage-collection wso2 messagebroker wso2mb or ask your own question. Why were Civil War battle techniques so bloody, if the US had learned guerrilla fighting in the Revolutionary War? So what happens to your personal time and space, exactly, when you get close, or even match, the speed of light? I can successfully retrieve the data with python's cx_Oracle and using sys.getsizeof on the python list returns 22621060, so about 21 megabytes. ColdFusion does not return an error on the page, and I can't find anything in any of the logs. The reason for doing it this way is because I have about 8000 smaller queries to run against the randomthing query. I also started playing around with the maxrows attribute to see if I could discern any information that way. I also created a ThinClient datasource using the information in this question, I didn't observe any change in behavior. I just discovered that by using the thin client along with blockfactor1="100" I can retrieve more rows (appx.
I wonder if the timeout is not being respected, and JDBC is "hanging up" on the DB whilst it's working. I have to wonder what it is you intend to do with these 22M records once you get them back to CF.
You mention that using QueryNew you can successfully add the more-than-two-million records you need.

ArrayAppend each query from within the loop to an array then when it's all done, loop over your array pushing the records into a new Query object.
As Adam pointed out, whatever you are trying to do is too large for CF to realistically handle and will either need to be chopped up into smaller jobs or entirely handled in the DB.
So as it turns out the server was running out of memory, apparently cfquery takes up quite a bit more memory than a python list. It was Barry's comment that got me going in the right direction, I didn't know much about the server monitor up until this point other than the fact that it existed. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged caching coldfusion coldfusion-9 or ask your own question. Is it possible I am damaging my long-term employability by staying at a company with terrible structure?
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So I've got my publisher Java program where I'm publishing the messages from and I'm trying to publish 4000 messages per second. In other words when I run those 8000 queries against the database it takes hours for that process to complete.
By using QueryNew then looping over it to add data and I can get well past the 2 million mark without any problems. I'd be willing to wager your paycheck that the data is coming back and the browser is crashing trying to render that many records with cfdump (which is a javascript heavy, inline style heavy, mess). If he were dumping the entire recordset, there would definitely be an issue with rendering.

Whatever it is, it sounds to me like CF is the wrong place to be doing whatever it is: CF ain't for heavy data processing, it's for making web pages. That way you end up with a query at the end containing all the records you were trying to retrieve. At least now I'll be able to explain why things are slow instead of just saying, "I don't know". For the first 15 minutes the publishing and consuming has been ok according to the image below, but there after, all of sudden the VisualVm shows a hype and runs out of memory. For me it seems database couldn't handle the load and it was went offline according to the JProfiler heap dump analysis.
I suspect this is because I am competing with several other database users, and the database is getting bogged down.
So basically what is happening is that the cfquery is taking longer than 9999999 seconds but CF cannot timeout JDBC so it waits until afterwards tries to run cfdump (which internally uses cfoutput) and this is reported as timing out because the request is now considered to have run too long.
In situation like this, MB will enable Global error based flow controlling and not accept traffic from the outside. But I need more details to identify exact root cause such as wso2carbon.log files and heap dump.

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