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Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida GC 32 super cat This is a very innovative cat! Paul B Previous Member   Looks like it is in the same market as the SL33. According to the info on the websites it is about 11% heavier than the SL33 and has less sail area. A few SL33s were sold to the AC teams for training, and I know one boat was sold here in the USA (SF Bay area). Location: Beaconsfield Western Australia Love the flair in the bow treatment, very clever ! Location: Smithtown, New York, USA While it's cool I'm with Paul B in thinking that SL33 is cool too (and one of the few Morrelli-Melvin designs I like aesthetically). Location: Melbourne, Australia Gallery of photos over at Christopher Launay's website. The build team at PCT for the GC32 is directly run by Darren Schofield who has built everything from the assassin moths, to Elliot sports yachts and even Bruno Trouble's personal yacht. Our boat (GC32) is actually the same weight as an actually measured SL33 give or take a couple of KG.
In terms of comparative performance, we will have to wait and see but after sailing both boats i know where my money is going (and has gone!) and im happy to back our creation anyday. For sailing on the bay I think you would be hard pressed to find a better suited platform then the GC32, we have massive volume forward and a very effective foil setup.
Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida Gc 32 from Scuttlebutt Europe this morning: GC32 Launch You can feel as prepared humanly possible, but launching a new boat is never an easy job, but finally we made it!
After 11 months of hard work with a fantastic design, engineering and build team, the GC32 sailed its first miles on the warm waters of Dubai.
Right from the first day sailing, the GC32 demonstrated its personality, with a very stiff platform giving amazing acceleration. The whole team at Premier Composites that have been supporting us in many many ways during the entire launch.
Location: Melbourne, Australia The latest edition of Inside Sailing has a roundup of the ESS and video of the GC32 in action in Dubai.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Despite his lack of catamaran experience, former Match Racing World Champion Adam Minoprio proved his dominance on day two of the GC32 Austria Cup today, winning all his races to take the overall lead in this inaugural event of The Great Cup. The competition also had a different complexion today, being held off the Allianz Traunsee Race Week centre of Gmunden at the northern end of Lake Traunsee. Today the fleet has one light with a vital replacement part for SPAX Solutions Sailing Team due to arrive in Gmunden tonight. Clearly comfortable with the boat on boat format (although it wasn’t being sailed under match racing rules) Minoprio first dispatched AEZ GC32 Youth Sailing Team and then SPAX Solution Sailing Team. Similarly Marwin Team, skippered by Swiss Olympic Star sailor Flavio Marazzi, won their races against AEZ GC32 Racing, skippered by Austrian hope and former Tornado World Champion, Andreas Hagara and then Firefly, sailing their first race today with Dutch former Tornado Olympic sailor Pim Nieuwenhuis at the helm.

The gold final between Marwin Team and Minoprio was a classic example of racing today with Minoprio leading off the line and forcing his opponent off to the unfavoured right. In Minoprio’s crew is Austrian Thomas Tschepen, Italian Diego Stefani while on main sheet is half German, half American leading Hobie 16 sailor Andy Dinsdale.
Also making a strong start today, after not being able to race yesterday was the Dutch Firefly team, which won the silver final race against AEZ GC32 Youth Sailing Team, to take third place overall today. While the Firefly team have sailed together a lot before and there is considerable multihull experience in the team, Nieuwenhuis said that in the brief time they have had on board the boat they haven’t managed to get grips with the GC32’s state of the art S-foils and L-profile rudders.
For Laurent Lenne, helmsman of SPAX Solutions Sailing Team, it was his first real taste of the event he created, which has been 16 months in gestation: “The wind was very hard and it was very hard to know where you had to go at the beginning of a race. Tomorrow Lenne’s own Spax Solution Sailing Team GC32 will be back in action bringing the brand new GC32s back up to their full complement of three. MarineMax Vacations Unveils New 48-Foot Power Catamaran Iam very interest in your power cat. On the Map -- Destination: Archipelago Archipelago is one of the world’s hidden tourism destinations. Video: 2005 Lagoon Power 43 - DIXIE RODES - Catamaran For Sale le lagoon 44 power est il toujours a vendre? FRANCE 3 BRETAGNE C'est la plus grosse innovation en voile de ces dernieres annees, le GC 32 est un catamaran a foil « volant ». Il pese 50 kg, tient dans deux sacs faciles a ranger dans le coffre de votre voiture et se monte en  15 minutes a peine. The Extreme Sailing Series will now be held on foiling GC32 catamarans, as the competition moves to foiling yachts as part of a long-term strategy.
The series, which celebrates its tenth season in 2016, will introduce the fleet of foiling GC32’s in time for the next run of events in 2016. The super-light GC32 foiling catamarans can reach speeds of almost 40 knots and the 2016 season will again feature professional and brand-backed sponsored teams racing at iconic venues as diverse as Saint Petersburg, Cardiff and Sydney. A GC32 foiling catamaran racing in the Round the Island Race, 27 June 2015 , Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour. The foiling GC32 catamaran marks a move away from the exisiting Extreme 40 fleet pictured below. OC Sport has ordered a number of GC32 boats to ensure availability for teams considering entering the Extreme Sailing Series 2016.
Use the free weather tool for sailors offering real-time high resolution data in a six day forecast. NEWS Boats and foils take a beating on the solo New York- Vendee race Clues to Olympic form at Weymouth Two-year cycle for the Americas Cup?
GC32s in 2016: Two different circuits for two different audiencesAmsterdam-based French businessman Laurent Lenne originally conceived the GC32 catamaran, the first examples being launched at the end of 2012.
Away from Ebensee and ‘Little Garda’ where racing was held yesterday, there was a longer wait for the sea breeze to fill in.
With only two of the Martin Fischer-designed GC32 catamarans available, so a fresh series was set up especially.

Minoprio led comfortablty around the windward mark, but Marazzi found more breeze on the run and the two boats rounded the leeward gate overlapped. At Allianz Traunsee Week next year Lenne hopes his state of the art catamarans will have taken off and there will be more than 15 boats on the start line.
L'equipe de Spindrift a decide de se lancer sur ce circuit des bateaux volants, et mettait a l'eau pour la premiere fois ce lundi, sa formule un des mers, a la Trinite, dans le Morbihan. A quai au port, il ressemble a un catamaran de plage taille pour la course, sauf que tout en carbone, le GC32, est a la pointe de la technologie. Six bateaux identiques, avec des equipes qui pour la plupart sont issues de l'America's Cup. Le Tiwal est un deriveur gonflable, ludique et familial, concu par une jeune entreprise vannetaise qui en trois ans d’existence a vu son invention faire le tour du monde. UK, publisher of Yachting World and other iconic brands about its goods and services, and those of its carefully selected third parties.
Many of the complex areas such as foil control systems worked perfectly well from day 1 and the boat has already demonstrated that it will be a great class racing boat that rewards tidy crew work and focused helming. Southern Spars, North Sails, Heol composites and OnDeck have all gone the extra mile as well in order to ensure the success of this exciting new class. When it arrived, it did so slowly and with the light northeasterly breeze blowing straight off the land there were bullets of wind across the course, requiring tacticians to stay on their toes as once again they raced two lap windward-leewards. This involved all six teams competing, first sailing a round robin where each team got to sail twice.
However on the next lap the Kiwi match racing ace got the better of his Swiss opponent to take the win. Il a gagne en stabilite, par rapport a ses predecesseurs, grace a ses foils en forme de L, et peut voler sur l'eau a pres de 40 noeuds. Furthermore he was involved in several big multihull projects like Groupama-2, Groupama-3, Sodebo-Maxi and Banque Populaire-60. She is so quick, safe with great sailing behavior remaining well on top of the water with bear aways easily accomplished. According to their result in this, the teams were then divided into gold, silver and bronze matches for their finals, winner of the gold match claiming first place, etc. Then we had the live streaming up for the first time and people can see how we are growing into this stuff.
The double S foils and L Rudders give an amazing new turbo button adding more righting moment (horse power) or more lift.

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