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We ship orders on regular business days, Monday through Friday, national holidays excepted. You may have received an estimated ship date during the ordering process that indicates that your order won't ship for a few days, or even a few weeks or months.
Under no circumstances will we mark an item as a gift or write a lesser amount on a customs form. The CAL-R Trap resistor is the resistor that is mounted to the Vector Plateing on the side of the Trap. Brand new, sealed in the original mailer box. Does your girlfriend sleep above the covers?
Our ordering system will provide you with an estimated ship date based on stock availability and volume of outstanding orders. If you were not logged in when you placed your order, you will be unable to view it again at a later date.
This board has an onboard amplifier that requires a minimum amount of power that a 9V battery cannot reasonably output. I keep one on my uniform and one on my jacket and ordered a handful to hand out at PKE Surge 2015.

During the Halloween rush period (July - October) we typically have hundreds of orders waiting to be packaged and shipped. If we are experiencing a high demand and have a lot of outstanding orders, your order may be delayed until we can get through the orders that were placed ahead of yours. There will be more available in early October that will have slight changes that should make the traps better.
I wish this kit was offered to me when i attempted to build my ghost trap way back over a year ago. During this time period it is not unusual to have to wait a week or more for your order to ship out.
For USPS, the quickest option is Priority Express, which is typically 1-2 day delivery, followed by Priority Mail (2-3 days), First Class Mail (3-4 days) and Parcel Post (4-5 days).
Mainly the Ghostbusters Fans Shop is 100% automated, and it is simply not possible to do this. Additionally when using a 9V battery, the battery will be drained in only 10-20 minutes of use. Along with "prop" mode and scary "interactive" mode, this fan-demanded, film-accurate reproduction features light and sound effects, plus a real working trap with pedal activator and removable carrier.

There are also increased shipping costs associated with adding any item, as well as processing fees and other things. Some items are special orders or pre-orders and those items will force a later ship date than in stock items.
Please note that a large portion of the timeframe for international packages is time spent going through customs in the receiving country. During times of high volume, it would also be unfair to others to bump items up the queue into an existing order. During other times of the year, the estimated ship date is going to be the most accurate source for a shipping status.
The estimated ship date can be found by following the order status link in the order confirmation email you received. At the time of shipment, if we see two orders, we may at our conveinence combine the orders into one package to save time, money, energy, paper and packing supplies.

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