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Sei Iori is a young boy whose family runs Iori Hobby Shop in a small town, which for yet to be explained reasons, located in a residential area.
Over the course of the World Tournament, he matures not only as a builder but also as a pilot, now no longer a pilot that just about anyone can toy around and trash within seconds. It was revealed eventually by Reiji that it wasn't Sei's lack of piloting skill that got in the way of making him of good fighter, but his subconscious reluctance to damage a Gunpla instead, due to his love for Gunpla in general. Sei has shown an advanced knowledge of Gundam and a proficiency with building Gunpla that is often compared to his father's, who was a remarkable Gunpla builder himself. Sei constructed the BG-011B Build Burning Gundam, a melee combat model, to compete in the 11th World Tournament.
Following their battle with Tatsuya Yuuki, Reiji suddenly glows and vanishes in front of Sei. Reiji explains to Sei that he is a prince from a country called Arian in a distant planet; one day, he stumbled upon a treasure that enables him to travel to Earth and back. The two seem to have somewhat of a brotherly relationship for example arguing over having to repair the Star Build Strike despite Reiji's inexperience and reconciling after Sei was fascinated by Reiji's quick skill (with some help from Takeshi Iori) in building the Beginning Gundam.
Takeshi Iori is Sei's father, who placed runner-up at the second Gunpla Battle World Tournament many years ago. As an operator, Sei is very mindful of his situation and the status of both his opponent's and his and Reiji's Gunplas.
At the start of episode 1 and during the imaginary battle with Mao, Sei is shown to wear Kira Yamato's pilot suit as well as based his Gunpla after the GAT X-105 Strike Gundam; indicating that his favorite series among the franchise is Gundam SEED. His choice of Gunpla, the Build Strike Gundam, might be an allusion to the fact that his mother is voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi, the voice behind Murrue Ramus from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.

It is revealed in Episode 23 and Episode 25 that Sei has piloting skills that are on par with Reiji's and Yuuki's but didn't have self confidence at first due to his reluctance to have his Gunpla damaged and damaging another person's Gunpla.
Although his skills in Gunpla building are exceptional, Sei's Gunpla Battle piloting skills were lacking until they gradually improved over the course of the series to the point where he was able to hold his own against Reiji.
While still nowhere as good as the likes of Reiji and Ricardo Fellini, he can now more than hold his own against top class pilots, as seen in his battle with Reiji at the festival. Reiji further added that to be a good fighter, he needs to have the resolve to win regardless of the odds, including severe damage on the Gunplas from both sides. For example, he gave an excellent overview of the XXXG-01W Wing Gundam's abilities and characteristics to a customer. After the tournament, he improved the suit and for unknown reasons hid it within a modified breakaway MS-09B Dom chassis (which was fully functional as a Dom until the outer layer was breached) and further hid the concealed Gunpla inside the base of his World Championship trophy, which he left in a display case at the Seiho Academy Gunpla Battle Club. Sei later gave the gem from Reiji to Aila Jyrkiainen through China, hoping that it could help patch up their relationship. He proposed for Sei to have him pilot the Build Strike Gundam, but Sei refused on the grounds that his piloting skills are extremely aggressive. Sei is sometimes annoyed by his mother's intrusiveness regarding his relationship with China, nonetheless they care for each like any mother and son. He left Japan to promote Gunpla Battle worldwide and entrusted his hobby shop to Rinko and Sei.
His tactical skill and use of his surroundings is quite similar to Mobile Suit Gundam's Bright Noa, an experienced officer and extraordinary tactician. His father was a Gunpla Battle champion many years ago, and Sei has inherited his skill at building and customizing Gunpla, but not the skill and sense in piloting one.

These words finally unshackled Sei's restraints and enabled him to use his piloting skills fully, allowing him to go toe to toe against top class pilots like Tatsuya Yuuki.
It was revealed that Sei had left the Build Burning Gundam in the trophy to have it waiting for Reiji's return; Sei had specifically constructed the Build Burning Gundam to maximize Reiji's fighting potential.
During a Gunpla Battle between Sei and Susumu Sazaki, Reiji suddenly appears and commandeers Sei's Gunpla, giving him a surprise victory.
He seems to have taken an interest in both protagonists, to the extent of making the uninterested Reiji fight him to get his drive on.
Though he holds no hatred nor disgust towards Susumu, he doesn't like the way that he fights, which is overly aggressive, overly brutal and utterly inelegant. Because of this, he has Reiji pilot his Gunpla while he takes charge of analyzing the opponent to provide navigational and tactical data during battle.
Sei is the creator of a customized GAT-X105 Strike Gundam model, the GAT-X105B Build Strike Gundam: A model focusing on mobility, it specializes in quick, hit-and-run attacks. After watching Sekai Kamiki battling with the Build Burning Gundam as part of Team Try Fighters, Sei made the decision to give the Build Burning Gundam to Sekai because his fighting style reminded Sei of Reiji. Reiji also shows adaptability with any Gunpla, as he can defeat veteran Gunpla Fighters with just an RB-79 Ball.
Despite being their rivals, Sei still shows great admiration and respect for Tatsuya's way of thinking towards Gunpla.

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