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Stein added that in some respects, he could relate to Tanner and Brent’s feelings of isolation from their classmates. Anthony Garland, who made his feature film acting debut in the role of Christian, a potential love interest for Tanner, also echoed his admiration for Stein’s directorial efforts. The contemporary teen comedy had its world premiere during the Tribeca Film Festival on April 19 at New York City’s Clearview Cinemas Chelsea.

In the process, Tanner and Brent’s friendship is strained, leading the two to question their priorities and true loyalties. Hoegel, the teacher who runs the Gay Straight Alliance, also emphasized the importance of accepting everyone for their personalities and actions, and not judging them on their dating preferences.
The actress, who rose to fame with another teen comedy, American Pie, also echoed her co-stars’ sentiments-not only did they have a great time working together to showcase the importance of acceptance among teens and their peers, but that Stein perfectly highlighted adolescent motivations in his latest teen comedy.

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