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Though we may be loathe to admit it, many of us modern ladies are all too guilty of the social crime explored in Stein’s latest teen expose. Jawbreaker is a film directed by Darren Stein about popular female clique, and the accidental murder of one of its members. Blessed with beauty and charisma the "Flawless Four" are the most popular girls in Reagan High School.
However, Courtney, Marcie and Julie play a mindless prank on Liz the morning of her seventeenth birthday, by performing a fake kidnapping.
However, upon opening the trunk, they are greeted with the grisly sight of Liz dead, having choked to death by aspirating the jawbreaker into her larynx.
Out of jealousy, Courtney fabricates a story that Liz died at the hands of a rapist, and plots to tarnish Liz's good reputation by spreading false rumors that she was actually a rebellious, promiscuous girl, and not the perfect angel she made herself out to be.
Courtney and Marcie then give her a makeover, transforming her from plain and awkward to elegant and beautiful.
As Vylette's popularity soars, Julie watches in mute horror as Courtney spins a relentless web of lies, trickery and manipulation to cover up the murder and maintain her popularity. In time, Vylette becomes intoxicated with her newfound popularity, which has eclipsed Courtney's own. Later on, as Dane and Courtney are announced as Prom King and Queen, Zack sneaks backstage and broadcasts the card message, "I killed Liz!
Actress Rebecca Gayheart, who plays Julie Freeman, plays her second role in a Darren Stein film as Mrs. Nowadays it seems as if everyone has one—a gay best friend has become the new status symbol like the Cadillac was when I was growing up. Brent and Tanner (Paul Iacono) are closeted high school seniors and they want to come out in a special way. Plans go awry when Brent outs Tanner by accident and Tanner shoots to the top popularity position. This is “fer sure” one of the gayest movies you will ever see (aside for, perhaps, “Shaving Ryan’s Privates” or “Forrest Rump”).
The idea that social warfare can break out in a suburban high school because of the competition to get a gay best friend might seem a bit absurd but it really works here. They surprise Liz in bed, bind her with ropes (with Courtney ramming a jawbreaker into her mouth to gag her) and cover it with duct tape. Fern, who had admired Liz to the point of hero worship, is appalled and attempts to flee the house, but the girls easily catch her.

Later in the school cafeteria, Courtney introduces Fern as the beautiful exchange student "Vylette." Julie, overwhelmed by guilt at her part in Liz's death, distances herself from the clique, only to be tormented by her former friends and becomes a new target for abuse throughout the school.
Julie discovers, to her disgust, that after they'd returned Liz's corpse to her house, Courtney went out and seduced a stranger (Marilyn Manson) at a sleazy bar and had sex with him in Liz's bed, making it seem as though he had raped Liz. Realizing she has created a monster, Courtney threatens to reveal the truth about Vylette, but Vylette vows she will reveal the whole truth about Liz's death if Courtney attempts to expose her. Later that night as she sulks in her room, going through a bag of Liz's belongings that were given to her, Julie finds the recording card she was fiddling with when Courtney was faking Liz's death and discovers it has incidentally recorded Courtney's admission to the murder. The Cadillac was a symbol that one has arrived financially (other cars now replace it); the gay best friend is a sign that one has arrived socially (something like Prada shoes, for example). Brent is the typical gay boy dressing just right for every occasion and always knowing just what to say for every purpose. It is something to see how students dress in designer fashions for school and their attitudes are something right out of the movies (I know that this is a movie). Things change and Brent who wanted to be the first gay kid to come out at school finds his plan thwarted when Tanner accidentally beats him to it. Willet) is outted, he finds himself cast as the hottest new teen-girl accessory: the Gay Best Friend. Hop on this bandwagon immediately or doom yourself to the perpetual fomo that goes hand-in-hand with understanding nothing your friends are talking about. Of the four, Elizabeth was the only one who was genuinely kind-hearted and loved by the entire school.
Dressed only in a shirt and panties, the girls trap Liz in the trunk of a car, as she struggles and squeals through her gag, and drive off. Instead, Courtney calls the school pretending to be Liz's mother and tells them Liz is ill and cannot attend school. To buy Fern's silence, Courtney accepts Fern into the clique, telling her to take Liz's place.
Infuriated, Courtney and Marcie post enlarged yearbook photos of Fern Mayo all over the school with the message "Who is Vylette" written on them, revealing Vylette's true identity. Today high school students are up for the trends and they seem to know when something is going to be big.
Tanner has become what his fellow students refer to as “homosexy” and he becomes the next must-have “accessory”.
Tanner had originally just wanted to be under the radar ad finish school without anyone noticing him.

Julie was "doomed to be popular because of 'that face' and because she was best friends with Elizabeth Purr". To keep up appearances, Courtney, Marcie and Julie then go to school as though nothing had happened.
Upon seeing them, Courtney, Marcie and a few of their lackeys call Julie and Fern names and try to embarrass them, but it backfires when the girls completely ignore their taunts and go on with their plan. Cold-blooded queen bee Courtney and her airheaded friend, Marcie, demand respect through terror. When the principal sends school outcast Fern Mayo to deliver Liz's homework at the end of the day, she stumbles upon the three girls and Liz's mangled body. Feeling no remorse for the lives she has destroyed, Courtney casually attends the senior prom with jock Dane Sanders. Horrified that her scheme has become unraveled, she races for the exit as the rest of the students pelt her with corsages and call her a murderer.
Together they plot Brent’s coming-out as the favored novelty gay best friend of the three competitors for prom queen—Farrah (Sasha Pierce) with the beautiful blonde mane, ‘Shely (Andrea Bowen), a horny redheaded Mormon and Caprice (Xosha Roquemore), the diva of the drama club. Brent’s mother (Megan Mullally) gives us son all the good mother nurturing she can as a gay-supportive mother; so much so that she makes PFLAG look drab by comparison.
Awaiting Courtney at the very end of the mob is Julie, who gleefully snaps a picture of her former friend's anguished face to immortalize the occasion. Tanner is involved in the fight for supremacy among the school’s three competitors for popularity.
Meanwhile, the friends who used to be part of Tanner's inner circle get left out in the cold.
He finds himself in a strange situation in which he must choose between his new found popularity and his old friends. Now Tanner will be faced with the most difficult decision of his high school career -- keep riding the popularity train and accept his role as a human fashion accessory, or go back to the people who have always accepted him for who he really is. Director Darren Stein gives us a feel-good movie, a comedy about a gay teen as he becomes the token gay student at his high school.
Megan Mullally, Jonathan Silverman, Rebecca Gayheart, and Natasha Lyonne co-star in a comedy from director Darren Stein.

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