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What happens after Tanner is outed by his classmates and becomes the title “gay best friend” for three high school queen bees? Our MissionVertical Entertainment is a full service content distribution company, focusing on studio quality films and servicing a variety of revenue streams throughout North America. Imagine if, at the end of Pretty in Pink, Duckie and Blaine hooked up and left Molly Ringwald in the dust. Breaking the Mold “Usually, there’s the one gay character who comes in, cracks a joke, and leaves, or he’s overly bitchy or limited in the story line.
The Recovery Road star - who boasts 259K followers - told People they 'can't wait to be Mr. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Evanna Lynch - The countdown begins for the Irish film industry's biggest night of the year, acknowledging and rewarding the industry's great work and achievements in this Golden Age of Irish Cinema, at the annual Awards Ceremony taking place at the Round Room of the Mansion House on Monday 14th March 2016.
Nominations are announced in all categories and have been shortlisted by Irish Academy Members alongside a specialist Jury panel of industry experts from around the world.
Academy CEO, Aine Moriarty stated that: "What a superb year for Irish production and this year's Nominations showcase to the world what Ireland's small but excellent film industry has to offer. Tanner and Brent Van Camp have been best friends for ages and both happen to gay, though the rest of North Gateway High don't know it. Sharply important themes make this film a lot more important than its wacky style might suggest.
The eight-part saga comes to a close with an action-packed finale that neatly ties up the strands of the whole series and also manages to give its actors some meaty scenes to play with. Harry Potter and his friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, continue their search for Voldemort's Horcruxes - dark magical objects that help the user gain immortality.
Darker and a whole lot drearier, this sixth Harry Potter adventure centres on a slow-developing mystery, and the filmmakers clearly struggle to give it much pace.
It's gotten to the point where the quality of the films don't really matter: Now I feel like I'm committed to the whole Harry Potter series. Willett, the star of the movie (along with out gay actor Paul Iacono), which stands for Gay Best Friend.
Looking star Daniel Franzese popped the question to his partner Joseph Bradley Phillips Saturday morning at the same North Hollywood Starbucks where they met over a year agoAt that point, Daniel got down on one knee and proposed: 'Since I first saw you here, you have opened your heart to me, and I vow to God that for the rest of my life to honor and protect that heart if you will be my husband.

Higgins along with 500 guests from across the world of Film & Drama, all coming together to celebrate the continued great work and success of Ireland's home industry.
They've never been what you'd call popular; all Brent wants is to be surrounded by friends, while Tanner is perfectly comfortable with his lack of status and attention. It's essentially Mean Girls remade with a gay twist, and the smart script continually acknowledges that fact.
While it's hugely satisfying, there's also a letdown as we reach the end.With Voldemort (Fiennes) in possession of the mythical Elder Wand, and four Horcruxes still at large, Harry (Radcliffe) and pals Hermione and Ron (Watson and Grint) know that they have work to do. It's well-made and watchable, but feels like an intake of breath before the frantic finale.After the horrific conclusion of their fifth year at Hogwarts, Harry (Radcliffe) has a solitary summer before being drafted by headmaster Dumbledore (Gambon) into the ongoing war between the wizarding forces of light and darkness. Directed by Darren Stein (of 1999’s teen touchstone Jawbreaker) and featuring an all-star supporting cast (Natasha Lyonne, Megan Mullally, Rebecca Gayheart), the story follows Willett’s Tanner as he’s outed and then upgraded to the top of the high school food chain in one fey swoop. Sometimes he’s an antihero — not portrayed in the most flattering way — but he’s down-to-earth and sincere. I’ll be a series regular on a new MTV show, Faking It, and I want to continue making films and TV and writing music. Will you marry me?'Joseph said yes, and later gushed on Instagram: 'My dreams have becomeA my reality and my reality My dreams. Franzese.''Finding my soulmate has made all the years I struggled with myself worth it,' Daniel explained. When Brent discovers that the new must-have girl accessory is a GBF (that is, a Gay Best Friend) he plans to come out of the closet and finally become part of the popular crowd, but Tanner finds himself unwittingly exposed instead and immediately dragged into the high school's main clique of Caprice, 'Shley and Fawcett, who intend to fight it out between themselves as to who gets the GBF.
There's also plenty of surprisingly deep subtetx, which adds weight even when things start to get a bit silly.The story centres on Tanner (Willett), a 17-year-old who isn't quite ready to come out of the closet, then is inadvertently outed by his best pal Brent (Iacono).
Breaking into a Gringotts vault is tough enough, but when they sneak back into Hogwarts, they find themselves in all-out war against Voldemort and his Death Eaters. And as year six starts, Dumbledore assigns Harry to get some important information from new potions professor Slughorn (Broadbent) about the Dark Lord's background.
As Mean Girls battle for his affection and spurned friends begrudge his popularity, Tanner grapples with being defined by his sexuality. Suddenly, the leaders of the school's three cliques (Pieterse, Bowen and Roquemore) descend on him: the first out gay student, he'll make the perfect accessory as a Gay Best Friend.
So with the help of adults (Smith, Walters and more) and fellow students (including Lewis, Wright and Lynch), they make their final stand.After a sort of "Previously on Harry Potter" prologue and a quietly intense opening, the film plunges into the Gringotts heist and barely pauses for breath.

As always, consider yourself warned that I don't know the intricate backstory developed over thousands of pages in J.K. And wannabe activist Soledad (Levesque) latches on to him so she can launch a gay-straight alliance.
Director Yates adeptly juggles action and drama, keeping images razor sharp and making sure the effects work is seamlessly eye-catching (they're also the most consistently high-quality effects in the series). But as Tanner strains to fit the stereotype, he finds himself increasingly distant from Brent and their pals (Tarlov and Mio).Director Stein shoots this in the colourfully wacky style of a Glee episode (without the songs), but even though everything is just a bit over the top, the screenplay grounds the situations and characters with stinging wit and subtle commentary on big issues like peer pressure, bullying, repression, religious intolerance and the reason girls like to hang around gay boys. But of course Lord of the Rings-scale spectacle is nothing without great characters, and this film pushes everyone into new territory. And really, I'm happy to keep it that way.Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix continues in the tradition of following another year at the Hogwarts School of Wizardry, where Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) has faced nothing but grueling struggle after grueling struggle. Radcliffe takes on the challenge extremely well, bringing Harry's self-doubt and crippling guilt together with a potent sense of destiny and sacrifice.
His most recent year (Goblet of Fire) saw a friend get killed by his nemesis, the evil Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes), who's gaining more power every day and giving Harry severe nightmares. Of the supporting cast, Rickman, Smith and Gambon get the weightiest scenes, while Lewis and Walters finally have superb moments in the spotlight.
With few exceptions, his friends have largely abandoned him, and the new term comes with even more headaches in the form of Dolores Umbridge (the perfect Imelda Staunton), sent from the Ministry of Magic to teach the defense from the dark arts class and eventually taking over the school as an iron-fisted, fun-crushing bureaucrat.After much pottering about (ha ha!), the film finally finds its groove as Umbridge goes too far, refusing to teach magic in the classroom, instead preferring to rely on theoretical knowledge so the students can pass their year-end standardized tests.
With Voldemort approaching (this guy is always just around the corner), Harry becomes more nervous that he will be unable to defend himself, finally recruiting a handful of students to his cause to teach them what he knows about magical combat. Meanwhile, that outrageously starry ensemble fills out each scene, including many who barely utter a word.As the story propels to the climactic moments, there are a few fits and starts while events recoil and wait to burst forth again. Even though this is the shortest of all eight movies, it feels a little long due to its intensely focussed plot.
This means every moment on screen is vitally important, and most are given the chance to play out without feeling rushed.

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