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Newly engaged tv and film star Gabby Union and her friends hit the beach for a little R&R right before we ring in the new year.
Essence Atkins and her husband, Jaime Mendez, used the Bimini trip to add a little more spice to their marriage. A wrenching and ultimately inspirational film about college linebacker Steve Gleason's battle with ALS.
Bad Moms nails a universal sensation but balances its nuggets of truth with hilariously raunchy humor. Patrice Leconte's "Monsieur Hire" is a tragedy about loneliness and erotomania, told about two solitary people who have nothing else in common.
Our intrepid savior of cinema's underrated films turns his eye to Francis Ford Coppola's most personal film. A report on three very different films from Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival. They weren't murky in the original 1995 novel, part of the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman, a best seller in Britain, less so here. Tuesday’s Faking It shows us, for the first time, what it looks like when Amy and Karma are apart (for 12 hours and 32 minutes, as of the beginning of the episode). In his quest to help Amy find a new, real girlfriend, Shane takes her to a lesbian coffee shop. Disclaimer: Messages posted at this site are the sole opinion and responsibility of the poster. Disclaimer: Information from this page is based on the contributions submitted by visitors and members of Theiapolis. She shared some pictures of herself, AJ Johnson and friends having fun on the beach via Twitter and Instagram. It springs from the same British world of quasi-philosophical magic, but creates more complex villains and poses more intriguing questions.

Pullman's evil force, called the Magisterium in the books, represents organized religion, and his series is about no less than the death of God, who he depicts as an aged, spent force. You will receive a weekly newsletter full of movie-related tidbits, articles, trailers, even the occasional streamable movie.
He’s smart — and you have to be too, if you want to fully appreciate his brilliant snark. Shane knows how to throw light, well-intentioned barbs that can call a friend on BS without being mean. This version by New Line Cinema and writer-director Chris Weitz ("About a Boy") leaves aside religion and God, and presents the Magisterium as sort of a Soviet dictatorship or Big Brother. His amazing quip is the best, and Willett delivers it with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it speed and ease. Unfortunately, she’s in there, naked and trying to master the art of the sexy-but-not-life-ruining selfie.
Teenagers may be absorbed and younger children may be captivated; some kids in between may be a little conflicted, because its implications are murky. Attentive as I was, I was unable to find anything anti-religious in the movie, which works above all as an adventure. The film centers on a young girl named Lyra (Dakota Blue Richards), in an alternative universe vaguely like Victorian England. An orphan raised by the scholars of a university not unlike Oxford or Cambridge, she is the niece of Lord Asriel (Daniel Craig), who entrusts her with the last surviving Alethiometer, or Golden Compass, a device that quite simply tells the truth.
Coulter (Nicole Kidman), who suspiciously offers her a trip to the north aboard one of those fantasy airships that looks like it may be powered by steam. And the adventure proper begins.I should explain that in this world, everyone has a spirit, or daemon, which is visible, audible and accompanies them everywhere. When they are with children, these spirits are shape-shifters, but gradually they settle into a shape appropriate for the adult who matures.

When two characters threaten each other, their daemons lead the fight.Turns out the Magisterium is experimenting on the captured children by removing their souls and using what's left as obedient servants without free will. Lyra challenges this practice, after taking the advice of the grizzled pilot Lee Scoresby (Sam Elliott) to find herself an armored bear. She enlists the magnificent bear Iorek, who must duel to the death with the top bear of the north. She also finds such friends as a flying witch named Serafina (Eva Green) and some pirate types named Gyptians, whose lifestyle resembles seafaring gypsies.The struggle involves a mysterious cosmic substance named Dust, which embodies free will and other properties the Magisterium wants to remove from human possibility. By "mysterious," I mean that Dust appears throughout the movie as a cloud of dancing particles, from which emerge people, places and possibilities, but I have no idea under which rules it operates. Possibly it represents our human inheritance if dogma did not interfere.As Lyra, Dakota Blue Richards is a delightful find, a British-American schoolgirl who was 12 when she was discovered in an audition involving 10,000 girls. She is pretty, plucky, forceful, self-possessed, charismatic, and just about plausible as the mistress of an armored bear and the protector of Dust. The British fantasy industry has become a bigger employer even than the old Hammer horror films. And why is it, by the way, that such tales seem to require British accents?I realize this review itself may be murky, because theological considerations confuse the flow. Let me just say that I think "The Golden Compass" is a wonderfully good-looking movie, with exciting passages and a captivating heroine in Lyra.

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