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Bariatric surgery is the answer for reducing weight and maintaining weight loss in long term.
You will be shifted to Surgical ICU to keep you under observation & pain free for 1-3 days.
A body oxygen measuring probe will be attached to your finger to continuously monitor oxygen saturation after surgery.
After diabetic surgery depending upon blood sugar levels, a mild antidiabetic Metformin 500mg  2-3 tablets may have to be taken till blood sugar levels are under control. Type 2 diabetes is an increasingly widespread health issue in India and has serious long-term consequences. Hence after surgery, pain is minimal , one can move in  bed soon after surgery, can walk and visit the toilet the next day.

One month before surgery , patient will be put on a special low calorie high protein diet. You may want to compare bariatric surgery's high resolution rates for type 2 diabetes to the long-term effects of the condition. Patient goes home in 3-4 days and is allowed normal activity & can return to work in 2weeks. The most commonly done restrictive procedure is by cutting out a major part of stomach so that only a stomach tube is left behind & rest of the stomach is removed. Even before any weight loss in the patient, the medicines required for control of diabetes are reduced or stopped.
The patient can consume only limited quantity of food thus leading to inevitable weight loss.

As weight loss starts the blood pressure also comes under control requiring  smaller doses of medicine and can get completely cured. Upto 1-2 years after surgery the patient will keep on loosing weight reaching normal or near normal  BMI . Beyond that time life style changes which have been acquired by the patient,  will continue to ensure fitness.

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