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There is nothing more frustrating that having a number above 300 turn up on the blood glucose meter and not be able to check your child for ketones. Lucky for us the nurse said she could send us a meter and a couple of boxes of test strips to try out.
We participate in the free Abbott Freestyle Promise Program, which gives a deep discount on test strips. Our verdict is that we will keep this blood ketone meter at school for the convenience of being able to test her right away and take action if needed. The actions we take according to the DKA Prevention Decision Tree vary based on the presence of ketones.
What I want to know is why companies can’t integrate this technology into all meters.
We use this meter with Elise, and although yes, the strips are expensive, it has been worth it for us.
We’ll use this meter until Elise is potty trained, and then probably move back to the cheaper urine strips.
That’s a good idea to use the urine strips and then double check with the meter if they are large. Our nurse suggested teaching her to pee directly onto the strip instead of into a cup to make it a little more easy for us.
I can’t remember who (maybe it was Shamae) said that you could order the strips online a little more cheaply than at the pharmacy. Our daycare also tests Ayden three times a day and they don’t have any issues with giving him a quick ketone test whenever his levels are slightly higher, just to be sure.

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Abbott FreeStyle Lite Meter + 150 Test Strips With Freestyle Lite Test Strips, you can test anywhere with less pain and less time! Blood glucose test strips are about $1 each (before insurance) and blood ketone test strips are about $5 per strip (before insurance). If we like it they will write a prescription and we can ask our carrier about insurance coverage.
I called to see if blood ketone strips are also covered by this program, but sadly they are not.
Though I have heard that other carriers provide absolutely no coverage and a box is about $50 for 10 strips.
Even last week when Ayden woke up with a fever of 104 at three in the morning, we jsut did a quick finger poke to see his ketones were on the rise and he needed hydration on top of the tylenol and cold cloth. They are still expensive, hard to find, and barely covered (if at all) by the insurance companies. And she obviously doesn’t require as high a level of privacy at home with her family as she does at school.
And I want Q to get recess if at all possible–the running around will help bring down high blood sugars. It would be nice to have a second meter for use at home for sick days when real time results are more critical.

Though they give three ranges with corresponding colors (think green light, yellow light, and red light), I didn’t know exactly how that would be applied to our DKA Prevention Decision Tree. The original manufacturer for Freestyle meters was Therasense (I’ve been using Freestyle products that long). By the next morning his levels were in check his ketnoes were negative and we were able to manage everything before it got out of control.
The NDSS (the Australian Scheme for Diabetes) subsides a lot of diabets related costs but Blood ketone strips aren’t on the list. No coding required means one less step, Proven accuracy,Fewer wasted test strips, Up to 60 seconds to reapply blood, Smallest sample size. But with my little guy being so high and then so low all the time (he is only 21 months) we go through them super fast especially when he is sick. The worlds smallest sample size of just 0.3 is all that is needed to get accurate blood glucose readings. Freestyle Lite Test Strips support Alternate Site Testing, so you can test from your fingertip, palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh, or calf. It makes me sad that the company hasn’t done more to make this more efficient for diabetic families.

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