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We can be reached 24 hours a day 7 days a week at our toll free number (800-479-2260) to sell to us.
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Now you can get a brand new On Call Plus Meter at no cost to you with your purchase of 100 On Call Plus Test Strips. Custom Variants and Options let you create product customization options and fields quickly and easily. Contour Blood Glucose Test Strips are for use with Bayer’s Contour, Contour USB and Didget Blood Glucose Meters.

You will find the diabetic supplies you need to help you or your family member with blood glucose testing. We also offer one time and subscriptions options for our products so you can make one purchase and we will send you the products every month, two months, six months, it is completely up to you.
What about getting One Touch UltraSmart glucometer for FREE?Currently we have not information for this meter.
This offer is only good when ordered from this page and can not be combined with any other offers. Any product can have custom variants and options – this can be configured in its product configuration.
We sell test strips, blood glucose monitors, lancets, diabetic starter kits, syringes, and footlogix professional foot care products.

Yes we can subscribe you weekly, monthly, every 2-3 months, you decide when we ship you more of what you need for your personal health concerns.
Custom variants and options can be created for products as required or non-required options.

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