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Some people who are diagnosed with diabetes haven’t experienced any diabetes symptoms — their diabetes was diagnosed from the results of a simple blood test. If you begin to notice any one of the above mentioned symptoms please contact your primary care physician. Diabetes mellitus is associated with metabolic disorders, it is based on inadequate absorption of glucose by the body. Not eating for diabetes and how to determine the required rate of uglevodosoderjati products? For diabetes patients are overweight, to enhance the feeling of saturation, it is necessary to include in the diet such vegetables as fresh and pickled cabbage, lettuce, spinach, green peas, cucumbers, tomatoes.
There are several options diets for diabetics, but in almost home, you can use one (diet 9), which can easily be adapted to the treatment of any patient, eliminating or adding a particular food or foods. On our website describes the most common disease of adults and children, causes and symptoms of these diseases, as well as the most effective treatments for these diseases.
The information on this health site are for informational purposes only, professional diagnosis and treatment of the disease should be done by the doctor in the clinic. The pancreas has many islets that contain insulin-producing beta cells and glucagon-producing alpha cells. Since diabetes is a disease that affects your body's ability to use glucose, let's start by looking at what glucose is and how your body controls it. When you eat food, glucose gets absorbed from your intestines and distributed by the bloodstream to all of the cells in your body. To maintain a constant blood-glucose level, your body relies on two hormones produced in the pancreas that have opposite actions: insulin and glucagon.
Insulin is made and secreted by the beta cells of the pancreatic islets, small islands of endocrine cells in the pancreas.

As such, insulin stores nutrients right after a meal by reducing the concentrations of glucose, fatty acids and amino acids in the bloodstream.
Since your kidneys must remove the excess glucose from your blood, it ends up in your urine, which can cause more frequent urination with more volume. When you lose an increased amount of fluid through frequent urination, you may become dehydrated and thirsty.
Since your body is unable to use your blood glucose effectively, it begins to break down your energy stores such as fat, which can result in weight loss or a failure to gain weight in growing children.
Feeling tired is a common diabetes symptom because your body cannot convert the glucose in your blood into usable energy.
Along with hunger and fatigue, it is not uncommon to feel irritable when you have diabetes. Hope is an innovative and federally-qualified community health center offering comprehensive medical, dental, pharmacy and clinical research.
All uglevodsoderzhashchie products differ significantly in their physical properties, composition, caloric value. Regardless of the type and quantity of the product, whether it is bread or an Apple, one bread unit contains 12-15 grams of digestible carbohydrates. Because for them it is important to observe daily the daily requirement of carbohydrates, corresponding to injected insulin.
To answer all these questions, the patient with diabetes need to be trained in special schools for people with diabetes.
To improve liver function, which greatly affected by diabetes, you need to enter in the diet products that contain lipotropic factors (cheese, soy, oatmeal and others), as well as to limit in the diet of meat, fish soup and fried foods. With a doctor’s permission, you can use sweet dishes and specially prepared diabetic products.

Your body tries to keep a constant supply of glucose for your cells by maintaining a constant glucose concentration in your blood -- otherwise, your cells would have more than enough glucose right after a meal and starve in between meals and overnight.
Your body is unable to use the glucose you have and is trying to tell you it needs more fuel.
For moderate and severe form of diabetes diet must be combined with the receiving antidiabetic agents or insulin. The cells take in glucose from the blood and break it down for energy (some cells, like brain cells and red blood cells, rely solely on glucose for fuel). So, when you have an oversupply of glucose, your body stores the excess in the liver and muscles by making glycogen, long chains of glucose. Insulin is required by almost all of the body's cells, but its major targets are liver cells, fat cells and muscle cells.
In diabetes mellitus type I, the occurrence of which is connected with the destruction of the beta cells of the pancreas and insulin deficiency, the primary method of substitution treatment is insulin therapy.
It is equally difficult to determine and the necessary amount of daily allowance products, without having special knowledge and not seeing understandable guidelines.
Thanks to the introduction of the concept of bread units patients with diabetes had the opportunity to properly plan the menus, correctly replacing some of uglevodsoderzhashchie other products.
To ease the task, nutritionists was introduced notional concept, used for diabetes patients – bread unit.

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