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Now that oil has crashed through the $40 barrier, here is a list of newly developing reasons and ways that oil prices are continuing to slide toward $30 per barrel … as I’ve predicted all along. In the first of two major bankruptcy stories du jour (the next one coming up shortly), we learn that AFA Foods, best known for being the maker of "pink slime", and a portfolio company of labor unions and Clinton afficionado Ron Burkle and his PE firm Yucaipa, has just filed for bankruptcy.
Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is among food activists who have criticized the use of what they dubbed “pink slime,” a filler produced by treating finely ground beef scraps with ammonia hydroxide to kill pathogens.
Ground beef demand will soften in the next several months as consumers shift to meat that doesn’t contain the lean, finely textured beef, said Ann Gurkin, an analyst for Davenport & Co. It is initially unclear what impact on cattle prices this development will have, as there are major shifts in both supply and demand.
Reduced use of the product will further tighten beef supplies, said Gurkin, a Richmond, Virginia-based analyst who has a “buy” rating on Tyson. Given the issue has only come up in the past few weeks, the effect on Tyson’s sales and earnings is unclear, Gurkin said. One thing is certain: the company's 850 workers are about to be without a job, which ironically is good - in the BLS' seasonally adjusted lexicon this means a gain in jobs.
AFA has about 850 full-time employees and annual revenue of $958 million, according to the statement. While one can hope that as a result of this food fiasco Americans will become more self-aware about the color of the slime they ingest, one would be wise to not hold their breath: after all we are talking about America here. In 2004, as a result of  mad cow disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy), the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) ruled that beef could no longer be processed this way, because testing showed that parts of the bovine central nervous system ended up in the meat. As for products using mechanically separated chicken and pork, FSIS ruled that they are safe to eat, but required them to be labeled as such. Despite them being safe, FSIS states that no more than 20% of the meat in a hot dog come from mechanically separated pork. It’s always a better to choice to see a real cut of meat at the butcher counter in the supermarket and then decide what you want done with it. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. It’s always a better to choice to see a real cut of meat at the butcher counter in the supermarket and then decide what you want done with it. Some African country is about to get tons of "US beef" from USAID as a sign of generosity from uncle sam. The picture of the pink stuff is actually chicken McNuggets before it has been bleached and shaped.
CF finishes his midnite meal of Pork Product, Wonder Bread, and lime-flavored potato chips, all washed down with Dr. Animal growth hormones, factory raised animals and poultry,factory food,sugar,food additives,,polyunsaturated fats ie most vegetable oils,fast food all mixed with a touch of sloth and gluttony and the increasing desire for instance indulgence and gratification peddled by Hollywood .

When you're breaking up with a girlfriend, you lie just long enough to get all your stuff out before she 'nationalizes' it. When you're breaking up with a girlfriend, you lie just long enough to get all your stuff out before she 'nationalizes' it. If pink slime falls into the yucky-but-safe category I'm fine with eating it, like I eat hotdogs. I love how everyone is aghast at the waste in the western world, and then when someone tries to utilize cattle more efficiently they get burned.
It's funny that one of the big trendy gastronomic movements right now is "snout to tail" cooking, using the whole animal. When the BLS does its next recalibration of the consumer price index, pink slime (formerly known as "steak") will be replaced with butt loaf. Cue Brown Slime, Poopzilla, and Fukushima Shit Sandwich comments relevant to bobola's thread immediately below.
Sign up to get Menu Plans, Shopping list, Recipes, Tips and Tricks delivered right to your inbox. We do our best to support as many browsers as possible, but we can't test and support them all. One of the questions we get asked all the time is how to treat kids with diabetes… After all, the usual going out for a milkshake doesn’t really apply! In issue 10 of Sweet Life magazine we gave some great ideas for treating your diabetic child.
Any of the above require careful recording and the resulting understanding of various food groups and whether this is protein, carbohydrate, dairy or fat. We assume also that a child with diabetes desires the same spoils as those with out diabetes but with a lot of discussion I have come to learn that a favorite meal or a non food related spoil is often welcomed too. Over the years that I have been involved in diabetes management one of the fundamentals I have learnt is that children cope better than we actually give them credit for.
Sweet Life is a South African diabetic community for those who have diabetes, both Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes.
Sign up for our newsletter!Get all the latest news and info from the South African diabetes community, delivered to your inbox - for free! The content of this site is intended as information and is not a substitute for seeking advice from a medical professional. Last month, the USDA said schools in the government’s lunch program can order ground beef without the product following public pressure to remove it from cafeterias. She said she is “monitoring” it because demand usually rises with the approaching summer grilling season in the U.S. Someone figured out in the 1960?s that meat processors can eek eke out a few more percent of profit from chickens, turkeys, pigs, and cows by scraping the bones 100% clean of meat.

Buying something prepared in a factory, such as chicken nuggets, or hot dogs, you’ll always get the worst meat, and it will always be combined with additives and other sources of fat. Manifested mainly by American culture but now regrettably spreading to the rest of the world by McDs , Burger King , Subway, Coke, Pepsico, Heinz, P&G, Starbucks, Fritto Lay to name but a few manufacturers of ' food of mass destruction " That is now becoming ubiquitous. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. If you can, upgrade your browser or activate Google Chrome Frame to get the best experience at Catch My Party.
Children with diabetes need to follow a reasonably healthy diet and as with all children TREATS are part of normal life. Enjoy a sweet or biscuit or any treat on its own and test pre and 2 hours post and assess the impact. Read the labels of these products and assess or learn what the carbohydrate content is to make an estimate of the required insulin needed for this.
Treats can be used to treat hypoglycaemic events but the downside of this is the possibility of self induced hypos to be allowed a much sought-after treat. The learning is always the same: how does this impact on my control and how can the insulin be adjusted to keep the levels as close to target as possible? Giving them choices and an understanding of the results enables them to cope on their own or with friends in a much more advanced way.
Want to do an update on our interview with you for Sweet Life mag, please can you DM me your new email address? The sudden public realization what pink slime is, and just how prevalent it is - perhaps it is best to think of it as the Bernie Madoff of the food industry - it was always there, yet it took a wholesale shift in public awareness and consciousness for the firm to realize it would have been prudent to come up with a slightly different name for its ground-beef product. This is done by machines, not humans, by passing bones leftover after the initial cutting through a high pressure sieve.
The child needs to learn that these treats often come at the cost of an additional dose of insulin.
I prefer to encourage children to understand the impact of all foods on their glucose levels and this can only be achieved with eating them and testing the result on their blood glucose levels. This process is not negotiable and should be done in a gentle and encouraging way and not a negative or threatening negotiation.
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said March 28 that the product, referred to in the industry as lean, finely textured beef, is safe to eat.

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