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Quote from: EvilTouch on June 03, 2013, 05:40 pmPluence yours is AMAZING !!!we should totally make a party to go somewhere ! If you open this file with paint, etc, you can save it as a jpeg and upload it.Here are some EXAMPLE CHIBIS that I made, from this site- of course, all credits go to the maker of the game, since it's really cool.
You told me you couldn't use photoshop, you won't pm me on deviantart proving it, and if you were gen8, you would be making original chibi's-not using a chibi maker.

To the people who BUY drawings, like chibis-please make sure that the drawings you buy do not come from these site!! And, I'm pretty sure that it IS infringement of copyrights if no credits and info are given. If they do, they are NOT original and it is unfair to claim credits, when they actually should go to the maker of the 'chibi maker game'-and it is also INFRINGING COPYRIGHT, really.

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