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The pancreas has many islets that contain insulin-producing beta cells and glucagon-producing alpha cells. Since diabetes is a disease that affects your body's ability to use glucose, let's start by looking at what glucose is and how your body controls it. When you eat food, glucose gets absorbed from your intestines and distributed by the bloodstream to all of the cells in your body. To maintain a constant blood-glucose level, your body relies on two hormones produced in the pancreas that have opposite actions: insulin and glucagon.
Insulin is made and secreted by the beta cells of the pancreatic islets, small islands of endocrine cells in the pancreas.
As such, insulin stores nutrients right after a meal by reducing the concentrations of glucose, fatty acids and amino acids in the bloodstream. In a recent study published in Diabetes Care, which looked at a comparison of two prevalent diseases, it was found that an unsettling trend is present in those with either diabetes or arthritis. Today we will look at the study and find out why not acting now to eliminate diabetes or arthritis may cause additional, preventable, and severe problems down the road.
In the study looking at the health statuses of more than 76,000 adults, researchers used data from the National Health Interview Study of 2010 to determine if there might be a link between arthritis and Diabetes.

The medical histories are all self-reported in the Interview Study, and questions were filtered to those adults who reported arthritis, diabetes, or both. The researchers used an additional filter to find people who reported arthritis-attributable activity limitation, called AAAL, either with a reported arthritis condition or any form of diabetes. Arthritis conditions that the study included were osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, lupus, gout, fibromyalgia, and others.
What the researchers discovered was that people who suffered from diabetes were 51% more likely to suffer from arthritis than their non-diabetic counterparts. And the road didn’t only go one direction.  For people who suffered arthritis, they were at a 44% chance increased risk of developing diabetes. While the study authors noted that as age increased, so did the chance of developing either of the diseases, the increased risk rates reported were after adjusting for age, weight, height, and BMI. Alarmingly, the data revealed that the prevalence to develop both diseases together was highest for the age group between 18-44- NOT the seniors. Although the two diseases look different at first glance, the connection is no surprise to us health researchers who have been studying the subject for decades.
You see, both type 2 diabetes and arthritis are inflammation diseases, conditions where your body attacks itself.

If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and would like to reverse it before myriad complications develop, but are afraid of launching into a lifetime of dangerous pharmaceuticals, there is actually an answer that doesn’t involve drugs. But first, I’d really appreciate it if you click the Facebook button below and share this articles with your friends. Your body tries to keep a constant supply of glucose for your cells by maintaining a constant glucose concentration in your blood -- otherwise, your cells would have more than enough glucose right after a meal and starve in between meals and overnight. The cells take in glucose from the blood and break it down for energy (some cells, like brain cells and red blood cells, rely solely on glucose for fuel). So, when you have an oversupply of glucose, your body stores the excess in the liver and muscles by making glycogen, long chains of glucose. Insulin is required by almost all of the body's cells, but its major targets are liver cells, fat cells and muscle cells.

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