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It's hardly news that forks and knives have been replaced with crank-fitted cutlery and laser-cutter pizza slicers.
Oh, those silly, clever and inevitably useless gadgets that make mankind's genius all the more wonderful.
Rather than going face first into a pile of buffalo wings, you can now daintily pick at them with a pair of Trongs, aka finger chopsticks. The idea behind the "Oil-On" dispenser is to prevent you from sogging up your bread with massive amounts of olive oil.
A keg with three separate taps, a 60-inch HDTV screen, a built-in fridge, and 140 classic video games all in one beer-flowing arcade hybrid.
The V-Tex uses a a “start stop rotational sequence” to create a Rankine vortex that won't disturb the drink's carbonation while bringing down the temperature at rapid speeds. Let's ignore the fact that no one actually eats Twinkies anymore, and just be stoked that we can now make cream cakes stuffed with juicy bacon bits soaked in maple syrup.

Behold: a stainless steel flask that will keep your beer cold and preserve its carbonation for up to 24 hours. No more jabbing your corks with a kitchen knife when your wine opener is nowhere to be found.
If you even try to stab your salad with an ordinary utensil, you risk being shamed by your contemporary diners. While I'm sure we'd get along perfectly without them, sometimes the invention of the whimsical is just the thing you need. Looking to prevent unsightly snackholes from ruining your cake, the Nibble Pan comes attached with a small silicone cup that lets bakers sample their creations botch-free. The Helix features a cork with a threaded finish and matching threaded bottle neck that lets drinkers effortlessly open and reseal the bottle thanks to the product's airtight barrier. Heidi uses her baby face to manipulate people and other animals into getting what she wants.

For those tech-savvy ladies and gents reverse-chilling their beer and popping out Twinkies in waffle makers, this one's for you. Luckily, this Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl exists so that you can FaceTime while simultaneously Instagramming photos of yourself eating ramen. Ok, now the bad news: it'll be another two more years 'til we see this ingenuity hit shelves. Heidi has already been given a permanent spot in our bed, the best couch cushion to lie on while watching movies, and the most delicious handouts.

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