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We were really pleased with the news that Sharon (played by Letitia Dean) will have better story lines in 2014. Former ‘EastEnders’ star Derek Martin has revealed that his character Charlie Slater will be making returning to Walford. However, while Derek has agreed to star in the soap again, bosses are keeping his comeback storyline a secret. Speaking to the Daily Star, Derek states: “In December and January, I am going back to make a couple of episodes. Meanwhile, an ‘EastEnders’ source has told Digital Spy that the details of Derek’s comeback are yet to be finalised.
In recent months, a number of characters have returned to the soap, including Stacey Slater - played by Lacey Turner - and Rainie Cross, played by Tanya Franks. Derek’s return comes ahead of the soap’s 30th anniversary celebrations, which will take place in February 2015.
Shirley tells Kathy that Ben is missing but that Phil doesn’t want the police involved and Sharon fusses round Phil as he fills him in on Ben’s disappearance. Babe tells a frightened Abi that she knows about her fling with Lee. When she overhears their conversation, Whitney confronts Abi but will the truth finally come out? And things go from bad to worse for Abi as she admits to Lauren that she gave Lee Chlamydia… which of course Aunt Babe overhears! Roxy shows Ronnie and Honey the letter that came that morning, but who is it from, and what does it say?

Sharon confides in Jane that she’s asked Grant for help in finding Ben and Sharon is surprised to find Grant leaving the police station.
Martin tries to leave the hospital with Stacey and breaks down as him and Stacey talk after he tried to get her out. Stacey arrives at the MBU and as Martin leaves, he is handed a letter which Stacey has dropped.
Linford arrives in the Square and just as Kim gives the bouncy castle for Pearl’s first birthday a go, Claudette punctures it and is taken aback when the bouncy castle begins to deflate!. Claudette comments on Pearl’s outfit and realises Kim is wearing matching clothes to celebrate Pearl’s first birthday.
A broken Martin shows Stacey her letter, and she is devastated when Martin tells her he knows the truth. Stacey tries to explain herself to Martin, but will he listen? For many of us, there is nothing better than sitting down with a cuppa and tuning in to our favourite soaps on a nightly basis. We recently undertook an exercise, looking at the energy efficiency of homes where some of our favourite soap stars reside, including Dot Branning from Eastenders, Debbie Dingle from Emerdale and Tyrone and Fizz from Corrie. Well, over the last few years energy prices have risen at an alarming 10% per year and for many, that is really putting pressure on living standards.
Increasing levels of insulation, installing energy efficient heating solutions and changing energy usage behaviours are all things that everyone of us should be looking to do – the financial payback is there already, and as energy prices continue to rise, the potential savings are only going to increase.
Being honest, talking about energy efficiency in standalone terms can get a bit technical and for some a little dull.

As home energy efficiency experts and Green Deal Assessors we have carried out over a 1000 surveys and in this process we have seen many different properties, all with their unique scenarios and home energy efficiency challenges. I work as a GP and see lots of elderly patients living in places that seem even less efficient than Dot’s! Thanks for your comment – there is so much that can be done here, in terms of schemes specifically designed to help the elderly with this sort of thing, I think the best thing is actually to give us a call on 0208 144 0897, and we can get you started. About usWe provide energy efficiency advice to help households and businesses save money on their energy bills and become more sustainable.
Her character was noticeably left to drift by the end of 2013 – disappearing completely for large periods of time without any explanation. While we may pay a great deal attention to the plot lines and the characters, the properties these guys live in get far less of the limelight. With energy prices continuing to soar, we thought we could highlight some of the key areas that the residents could look to target in these properties to help reduce their energy bills, bearing in mind that the houses found in these soaps are representative of many of the homes we live in the UK.
We hope that by coupling this subject with something more entertaining and engaging like our favourite soaps, it would help make it all a little more accessible!
We can tell you about which types of measure to prioritise, in terms of cost savings as well as all the grants available and exactly how to go about getting your hands on them!

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