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SPOILER ALERT!It’s the day of the Christmas Tree light switch-on but the day is off to a rocky start when Bobby is upset about moving rooms. After Jane and Kathy build bridges, Bobby returns home from school and thinking both Kathy and Jane have gone to the switch-on, decides to move his things back to his old room. Meanwhile, Ian is upset when Jane fails to turn up to the celebrations but with Kathy by his side, starts the countdown.
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As the Square celebrates the Christmas tree lights, Jane finds herself in an argument with Bobby.At the Mitchell’s, an upset Sharon puts Phil in his place and tells Ben that Phil is still drinking. Determined to do anything for her family, Sharon comes up with a solution.Elsewhere, Kim and Vincent have a heart-to-heart over his past and agree to celebrate Christmas.
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Kim later decides to go on a hunt for her Christmas present but gets a horrible shock when she opens a package.

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At The Vic, Babe continues to bicker with Cora but begins to have a change of heart after Nancy reminds her Cora has nothing.

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