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Several medical conditions like Jock itch, Athlete’s foot and ringworm infection may give rise to growth of fungi into the nails. There is chance for you to get these infectious fungi when you visit contaminated swimming pool and share public bathrooms where molds have grown. It is observed that fungi belonging to the group called dermatophytes cause this infection on nails. Another reason for toenails getting more infected than your fingers is it is under the protection of shoes for most of the time giving no room for breathing. You also have chance to get this infection if you do pedicure or manicure in the utensils that is not properly washed. Aged people and individuals who continuously keep their toes in closed shoes are prone to get fungal infection on nails. In case of severe infection with pain, your doctor may remove the nail by surgery for facilitating new nail to grow in. New miracle drugs teaching the body to recognise and destroy tumours mark the a€?biggest breakthrougha€? in cancer treatment since chemotherapy.
Skin cancer on scalp cannot be easily detected in early stages like cancer on other body parts.
Sunlight exposure and using indoor tanning is considered to be the major causes of skin cancer. Basal celled skin cancer (known as BCC) occurs in the lower layer of the epidermis and approximately 80% of skin cancer are of basal type. Melanoma skin cancer is the most dangerous type of skin cancer and is often lethal (deadly). Melanoma cancer is quite dangerous (irrespective of wherever it develops) but it can be riskier on the scalp than other places of the skin. Skin cancer on the scalp cannot be detected easily and it often develops in regions that are not fully covered by hair. Dermatologist would examine the scalp closely to understand the type of growth and its size and shape. Before starting any treatment your skin doctor would assess the type and position of skin cancer of scalp. Medications are given to destroy the cancer causing cells and to boost the immune system of the patient. It is caused by fungi by name Tinea unguium and it starts as small whitish or yellow spot on the toenail or fingernail. Fungus lives on warm and moist areas and easily spread infection when it gets into your nails through cuts or wounds and even on small gap between the nail bed and nail. There is more chance for you to get infected when your toenails are exposed to continuous moisture. People who have nail deformity or poor blood circulation on the toes may also get fungal nail infection.
It becomes slightly yellowish or white and you can find the edges of the nail getting crumbled. For some people, your doctor may also prescribe antifungal nail lacquer like Penlac for painting on the infected nails.

Thousands of terminally ill patients could be given a new lease of life thanks to a combination of two types of immunotherapy drugs a€“ nivolumab and ipilimumab.
The first sign of skin cancer is formation of small bumps on your head or development of scaly rough patches on the scalp. It can be recognized as small pink dots on the scalp which bleeds easily even while combing your hair. This type of cancer develops from melanocytes (responsible for skin color) which begin to grow in uncontrolled fashion leading to a tumor. Death rate of melanoma skin cancer on the scalp is almost double that of skin cancer on other parts. An expert dermatologist needs to use special instruments of high resolution to detect melanomas on the scalp in early stages. For some people, it may develop as sores that bleeds easily and heals quickly to return in the same vigor. Excision is the process of removing the cancer causing cells and tumor safely from the scalp after numbing the skin. Chemotherapy and radiation is often combined with surgery and is used mostly for advanced stage of skin cancer. Once the infection starts spreading, the entire nail may change into yellow making the infection in-depth. Fungus feed on the dead tissues of the nails and hair follicles and even on the epidermal layer of the skin.
Again many people who get fungal infection would great their toenails affected when compared with fingernails. Further there will be collection of debris under the nails and gradually the nails become thicker than other healthy nails. People who have athlete’s foot and other type of skin infection would also get fungal nail infection.
In one medical trial, nearly 60 per cent of patients with terminal skin cancer saw their tumours significantly shrink or stabilise over nearly a year. People with light skin, people with plenty of moles, people who spend plenty of time in the sun and those who live in areas of high intensity sunlight are at high risk of getting skin cancer. About 10-30% of skin cancer is of squamous type and it develops only when the skin is highly damaged by exposure to sun or other chemicals.
Melanoma skin cancer is rare but it can easily spread to other body parts and even brain through connected blood vessels. Scalp is often hidden by hair and you rarely take efforts to look at them and this facilitates melanomas to grow quickly and spread to other body parts. Hence if you are at risk of getting skin cancer you can make regular visits to dermatologist to notice any changes in your skin or scalp. Depending on the above factors your dermatologist would opt for surgery, chemo, radiation or immune therapy. Moh’s surgery is the mode in which the surgeon would remove the affected skin of the scalp in layers. Skin tumor can develop in any part of the skin that is overly exposed and for some people it can occur on the scalp.

It is quite normal for most of us to inspect our body while bathing or applying make-up but we seldom detect any changes in the scalp since it is covered by layer of hair. Likewise people who underwent organ transplant recently may develop skin cancer since it may lower the immunity of the body.
Any difference in your scalp can be detected only in the salon and that too if you are regularly visiting the same salon. In this process some of the healthy skin cells are also removed along with cancerous cells. If the cancer has metastasized (moves) to other parts, it is difficult to treat and it can be lethal.
There will not be any luster or shining of the nail anymore once the infection gets deeper. Over exposure of the skin to the sunlight and using tanning beds for long duration is the major cause for getting skin cancer. This would appear as rough scaly patches, reddish brown bumps, or like open sores that bleeds. The surgery is performed at different intervals through a microscope to verify the entire cancerous cells are removed. The process of the separation of the nails from the nail-bed is called onycholysis and this may cause moderate pain on the toes or fingers.
While survival data has yet to be published, researchers were hopeful that half the patients would end up a€?living disease-freea€? following treatment. Fair complexioned people and those who live in high intensity sunlight regions are at risk of developing skin cancer. Infection can occur on the hair follicles, allergy like acne or cyst may grow on the scalp in the form of pinkish red spots causing irritation. Melanomas occur mostly on the moles or its neighborhood growing in shape and changing color.
Mild form of BCC or SCC cancer can be treated with curettage in which the surgeon would use a small electric needle to burn the cancerous cells. The life expectancy of these patients if given standard treatment rather than immunotherapy was just nine months.
Details of a number of promising trials were presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncologya€™s annual conference in Chicago. Experts said that these a€?spectaculara€? results could bring about a a€?new eraa€? of cancer treatment. Roy Herbst , chief of medical oncology at Yale Cancer Centre, said: a€?I think ita€™s huge. I think we are seeing a paradigm shift in the way oncology is being treated.a€? The drugs were not effective for every type of cancer, however trials showed very positive results for the treatment of lung cancer and malignant melanoma, two of deadliest forms of the disease.
Peter Johnson, Professor of Medical Oncology, from Cancer Research UK said: a€?The evidence emerging from clinical trials suggests that we are at the beginning of a whole new era for cancer treatments.

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