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In regards to the 7 Black Celebrities You May Not Know Have Sickle Cell Anemia story, please do your research. My son Michelo Mckenzie has sickle cell anemia and has to hospitalized often for crisis and chronic transfusions. Hello Dima, I'm sorry but you need to do your research if you are referring to Larenz Tate. He was reportedly plagued by bad health, including diabetes, hip problems related to sickle cell anemia and two bouts of drug addictions.
Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same. He even spoke about it on Web MD they would not ask him about it if he didn't unless he was a doctor or had someone in his immediate family struggling with it like children or spouse. You can't call in to hospital and give out medical information or get a persons medical records.

This disease need more awareness because there are thousand of people with his illness and lives have to be changed because of this chronic disease.
But I do have to agree with Natasha about there needing to be more awareness about the disease.
Depending on where you live there are still doctors in this century who do not have a lot of information on how to treat the disease other than meds and blood transfusions, therefore I having the disease myself suggest to Natasha to make sure that you teach your child to eat healthy foods daily whether they like it or not because it will be beneficial for them as they get older. There are not a lot of medications that a person can take for preventive measures so I suggest taking vitamins (folic acid, B6, B12, flaxseed, vitamin E and D) and drinking lots of fluids. Allow your child to play and to live their lives to their own expectations without over exerting themselves or being stressed. These things can bring on a crisis more speedily and try to keep them from catching anything that will cause an infection such as a cold, pneumonia or the flu. If you try these things I guarantee your child will have the chance of living a healthier life with fewer hospital visits.

Medication was only to treat my symptoms, I didn't start taking folic acid until I was in my late teens. Over the years I have learned more about the disease and myself and I can now say that it has been years since I have had to go to the hospital with painful crisis.
I am 53 years old and other than having to have a blood transfusion every 4-6 weeks I can proudly say that I live a pretty healthy life. Oh, lastly stay in prayer and make sure that you have a great caring doctor who listens to your concerns.

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