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Cardiac rehabilitation is a tertiary treatment programs conducted for the patients who have undergone cardiac surgeries especially bypass grafting or cardiac stenting or angioplasty.
The successful completion of the cardiac rehabilitation is possible only with the help of the patient’s tolerance. They will provide you all the necessary advice to release the tension of your disease, and will give you all necessary details regarding the recovery, and about returning to the routine activities.
Cardiac rehabilitation involves good commitment and co-ordination of the health workers as well as patients. Unfortunately, you talk about cardiac rehabilitation dispelling the patients fear that they re a useless being. I think this is very badly worded, and quite unhelpful to someone who has suffered a heart attack. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. It is a program that is medically supervised in order to help the cardiac patients recover faster and improve their physical, social, mental, and overall health.

He or she has to comply with the new style admitting that it is for their health and has to bring his power to normal level. It will improve the quality of life and will minimize the risk factors, by creating a feeling of goodness and optimism.
In fact it should be started immediately once you go to a hospital for any serious cardiac procedures like the angioplasty or even a surgery of your heart. Once you leave the hospital you can join the rehabilitation program soon after one to two months. The rehabilitation team consists of cardiac specialists, junior doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists, occupational therapists, psychologists, mental health specialists, etc the interaction between the patient and the team members is very essential.
It's aim is to stabilize the condition of the patient or slowly reverse the progressiveness of the heart disease, and thus minimize the risk of another cardiac problem or the death of the patient. Many physicians have proved that controlled lipid levels, diet, drug and exercise have brought many patients to their optimal condition. The members of the rehabilitation team will come to see you in the ward to educate you, clarify your doubts, and will reduce your fear about this therapy.

The patient could share their feelings, doubts, queries, and also their positive and negative thoughts with the team members. Those people who had controlled their bad habits by quitting alcohol habits, smoking etc have reduced their risk of another stroke, and sudden death when compared with those patients whom continued the same. Rehabilitation makes the patient as well as the family comfortable by providing them counseling and exercise sessions. Exercise should not be an overload to the patient, but it should help the patient to get relief from the difficulties of the disease. They also provide health education to the patient so that the patient gets rid of all negative thoughts of being a useless being.

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