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If you want to keep informed about the progress of the Golf Outing, leave us your email address below, and we will send out an email to you with news of our outing and the registration materials when they become available. We will not give away your email address, nor use it in any manner other than to communicate with you. Even if you don't play golf, you can contribute to our organization by clicking on the Donate tab. This private, non-profit organization is dedicated to the encouragement and reporting of advances towards a "practical cure" for type-1 diabetes; that is, one that allows a diabetic the freedom to live a normal life (exercise, diet, sleeping, etc) without needing to be constantly aware of insulin delivery and blood sugar levels.
You can also read studies analyzing the level of funding by major diabetes-associated organizations such as ADA and JDRF, towards a practical cure.

Faustman's web site is where one can find the latest information regarding the round-2 human trials, scheduled to being this fall. One can also find a link to her press releases, papers her laboratory has published, and honors she and her laboratory have received.

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